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List of Delegates

KrakKrak New
edited May 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Is there (or has anyone compiled) a list of where all the delegates are? Like what file its in, which line, and where it is located a rendered Vanilla page.


  • Yeah, that would be awesome if there was something that listed all the delegates. But then again... With some 170+ it would probably be better to just go look at the code you want to affect and see if there is a delegate in that place.
  • Maybe we should add a page to the wiki. Then people can add them as they find em.
  • I made a list for Vanilla 1, from a search that nearly crashed my editor.

    A tad outdated now, though. It doesn't include delegate parameters which would be essential companions to the list.
  • i have been wanting to make one. actually i even started with lot of enthusiasm. then i realized i cannot upload images to the wiki. I have to send it to mark every time. and then my enthusiasm died.
    a list is no good unless it shows u where the output if any if going to show up. for that I need tons and tons of screenshots
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Not true, if you can wrap your head around the code in the first place and can pinpoint where it's going to execute and display as a result it's not a huge issue :)
  • I figured something like a list of 1. NameOfDelegate - folder/filename.php - line 34 - delegate parameters - then a short description, below the page footer. 2. NameOfDelegate - folder/filename.php - line 40 - delegate parameters - then a short description, below the page footer. 3. etc would do the trick just fine, screens are not required. Just something basic as a guide to delegates to keep from spending hours looking for them.
  • screens ARE required. I'm telling you these delegates seem to pop out in places that u won't expect them to. For newbies its going to create headaches. for us we can look at the code and know whats ups. A newbie just want to know What will be shown and where and how to do it. without looking at the code and figuring it out.
  • Screenshots might be good in some places, but you can't even make screenshots of some things. You couldn't show a preloaddata or postloaddata delegate. Those just hook in somewhere in the code, not in the display of things. Screenshots or not, a list of things would be good.
  • KrakKrak New
    edited May 2007
    I never meant for this to be a how to for "newbies", they will always come to the forum for that. Just a list of delegates for those who know what to do. Never said screenshots would not be nice, just that they are not required. I doubt anyone has the time to maintain a site like that. I just suggested a simple list to be made. Something a lot easier to do I would think. Mark ideas? Don't happen to have a list already do ya
  • ok making it right now
    krak then u can update it as needed.
  • /me ponders learning enough about cat and grep to generate this list automatically whenever Vanilla is updated.
  • edited May 2007
    Wallphone I don't want a list. I want complete documentation. Krak wants a list. List is a start, and I'm making it so that u can extend it to complete documentation of it. I didn't mention line numbers cause they will keep changing. Instead I'm listing it under "Methods" so u can easily find the delegate. Delegates from one control are in different files as well. So i have them grouped under Files as well.
  • no comments?
  • Looks good.
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