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Board Statistics

edited January 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I think a board statistics extention or main feature would be pretty cool.

It'd list things such as total discussions, total comments, total members, newest member etc.

Would be pretty simple to do also, what everybody think?


  • well it can be pretty easily found with a few searches and stuff. But yeah it could be cool, i think it'd be better if it had more advanced stats with new members/discussions/comments per day/month etc. Posts per minute, stuff like that. Maybe even graphs or stats showing info on a month by month basis etc. If anyone's seen mircstats you'll see what i'm getting at. Most other stats apps (web/bandwidth stats etc) do similar stuff.
  • This is actually on my to-do list. But I probably won't even get started on it until next week sometime.
  • I've got the week off next week (my vacation before i start work at google!!!!) so I'll get started on it on either sunday or monday. I'll add myself to the wiki, too. =)
  • nick me a couple of servers from google and pretend they broke.
  • For once, I actually want to keep my job. ;)

    But I will be in the data center.
  • dont google run entirely redundant servers and for the most part just leave them in the rack if they break cause its cheaper than finding them and replacing them? Asif they'll notice if one goes missing!
  • honestly, as many NDA's as I had to sign, I don't know if I can answer that.
  • Anyone opposed to me using the jpgraph library to render graps on the stats page?
  • lol dknowles, you should try working for a bank. forms everywhere. i had them coming out of my ears at one point.
  • edited August 2005
    Actually, Friday was my last day working for a bank. Are you stalking me?
  • i'm afraid not. Are you in england or america?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    The only opposition you would have from me is the fact that the server in which I'm running vanilla from does not have either GD1 or GD2 installed. :/
  • mini: I'm in America.

    lech: I could add a check for GD1/2 (I think the library already has one built-in) and if neither are installed it could just not do the graphs. Making images on the fly usually requires GD, and I've never seen a good/common alternative. Suggestions?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    hehe, what about good old faked out bar charts using an existing image? you could even base64encode something like that and decode it on the fly. I don't know what kind of crazy data you really plan on pulling from valilal tho to create detailed statistics, other than users/active/inactive and little things. I doubt much would require complicated bar charts.
  • if it were extension, that would be cool. that was one thing i always took off of phpbb. non-geeks do not care about the stats and the geeks care only to see if they have more.
  • valilal? i like it!
  • On my old board, we had most active users (monthly, all time, etc), most active refreshers (we had an insane accesslog through mysql...quite stupid, really), longest threads, posts per month. that sort of thing. i could really do just about anything with the data. it's a lot of fun.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    david, I'd say before getting complex with it, and drawing up insane pie charts, do it the old skewl way. Just plain no frills bar chart action to get the ball rolling with some simple deduction based on a the mean. Of course this might be something better saved for the next revision as mark's hopefully slapping in that extra sql table for extensions only :D
  • You could use simple css-based barcharts - makes the styling easy :) (also follow the link to the tables version) or a js-based version: And what about creating a stats extension with these small sparklines? ;) A PHP library: (uses GD I think)
  • re: gd library. How about a gd extension? That way, othe rimage handling stuff could call on it. It would create an image API. Thoughts?
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