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Add-on: Live refreshing discussion list

edited February 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Is anyone able to create an add-on that live refreshes the discussion list per ajax?
something like this digg spy effect...

i'd love it


  • this is a great idea, but it really belongs in the 'add-on requests' category.
  • & Perhaps a discussion update thingy too like I've mentioned here.
  • @itchy: category is updated

    @vaz: good idea. But it would be even cooler if the comments are shown automatically... without a hint and page reload
  • Mireille, you need some kind of hint that there are new comments otherwise you'll ignore them as already being there. Otherwise I really like this idea, it would be very slick.

    P.S. might be worth getting rid of "Add-on: " from the topic title as well ;)
  • I'd like to see that to. Also maybe something like 'Bob is writing a comment' below the last comment when someone is repling.
  • Perhaps have the refreshed discussions a different color? Or multiple colors? Like one color per 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes etc.
  • Ooohh... pretty rainbow... (I like Krak's idea)
  • Top idea Krak :D Would also be good to be able to have a little icon (perhaps an exclamation mark !) inserted into the comment as well, just as another visual indicator that the comment is new since you initially viewed the page. These, along with the comment colours, would be cleared on refresh of the discussion.

    Question: What happens with pagination? ;)
  • Nice ideas... So anyone willing to make it? ;)
  • [-Stash-]: a little icon (perhaps an exclamation mark !) inserted into the comment as well, just as another visual indicator that the comment is new since you initially viewed the page
    That and flash new comments like it does when you write one (aculos effect)

    Having a rainbow of colors really isn't helping designers :D
  • I personally would like to see comments alternate colors or even giving the member the option of selecting a few set colors in their account page.
  • Instead of rainbow colours, you could just vary the opacity of a specified colour (admin/theme changeable in the extension settings) over time.
  • Well how about this: Let's say your at the top of a discussion and theres 2 new posts. The little notification thing pops up, you click update discussion and it just pops you down the page to where the new posts are and does the little standard flashing effect for the new posts.
  • But for the yellow fade thing, I quite like it. I still think the idea of an icon (perhaps achieved via CSS in the background of the comment, put there by JS, or even via a CSS class with PHP?) would be best as it should work with more styles/themes. The yellow fade looks quite hideous on some styles.

    But hey — why can't this just be an option that the admin decides upon? :)

    The notification... how about this appearing as fixed, absolutely positioned (to the browser window) CSS? That way, it will appear in the same place no matter where you are in the discussion.
  • would love to see this.
  • How about something that just refreshes the page every so many seconds, like 30?
  • Wouldn't that cause more server traffic than just some sort of AJAX discussion refresh? But that would certainly be something easy to do.
  • Yes, it would. You just want to reload the discussion or comment grid. Anyway, I found this little js that does this if anyone's interested. I'm taking a javascript course now and found this one in research for an assignment. It's an old script because it's checking Netscape version to determine whether to reload a noframe-version of the html file or a frame-version. It does work well. The 50 is 50 seconds to wait.
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> browserVer = parseInt(navigator.appVersion); if (browserVer >= 3) version = "n3"; else version = "n2"; Text = "<META HTTP-EQUIV='Refresh' CONTENT='50;URL=js_wk2_lesson.htm'>" Ret = "<META HTTP-EQUIV='Refresh' CONTENT='50;URL=noFrames.htm'>" if (version == "n3") document.write(Text); else document.write(Ret) </SCRIPT>
  • I have done such an ajax updater for one site (currently back in restricted access).
    Due to server overhead, a caching system is necessary. On that site, the automatic updater is in a special place of the layout, out of Vanilla theme to simplify the implementation of this cache.
  • Certainly looking forward to something coming of this project :)
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