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A Sneak Peak: Digg, A New Vanilla Theme

edited September 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Another elegant, blog like, and this time, a digg style Vanilla theme! And another attempt to bring in a fresh, appealing and a scannable design to the boring traditional forum look.

Theme highlights:
  • Bright, strong colours that can make your site look updated, eye-catching and modern.
  • Some round corners that help keep your forum from looking like some clunky Commodore 64 application. laugh
  • Friendly and oversized fonts
  • Stylish pagination
  • Left side simple navigation.
  • I hijacked the guest sense add-on idea, made a sign in and apply for membership links looks like it but without using the extension. shss
  • Your users can digg the discussions or topics and your site stays in business! wink

Vanilla Digg


As usual, your comments, suggestions and critics are always welcomed!


  • Looks pretty nice. Any views of category/discussion screens?
  • Minisweeper, I'm still working on it and actually I'm still looking for some ideas for it. Thanks!
  • Dang thats fancy!
  • Can't offer any ideas, but I have encouragement ;-) Looks really wicked sjeeps! Well done.
  • I was working on a Digg theme, been on pause for a bit though. Was one of the reasons I had been looking into making a discussion excerpt/preview addon, then Jim made it, then I ran out of time to work on it. Looks really sweet! A lot better than mine did, but mine was a clone of Digg. One thing I can ask for, is please make sure the discussion excerpt addon works flawlessly with this theme! Great job.
  • Thank you very much guys.

    "One thing I can ask for, is please make sure the discussion excerpt addon works flawlessly with this theme!"

    First, I tested the Discussion Excerpt" add-on by Jim with the default vanilla theme and there were errors due to missing

    <ul> and </ul>
    before and after:

    <li id="DiscussionExcerpt" style="overflow:hidden">'.$PageList.' ...</li>

    <li class="DiscussionExcerpt">'.$PageList.' ...</li>

    So I added that to it and changed the style.css from:

    .DiscussionExcerpt { margin:0 0 24px 8px; font-size: 90%; color: red; /*#555*/ }

    .DiscussionExcerpt { margin:0; padding: 0; }

    The result was great and there were no errors :)

    Vanilla Digg

    So Jim, could you please fix that missing [ul] tag?

    Thank you!
  • That is awesome! Cant wait.
  • I don't understand what's so awesome, sorry, it's no more attractive or useful than sites that attempt to mimic Windows or Mac OS X for that matter.

    Digg is Digg, that's why it looks like Digg, if it's not Digg, it's... er... not Digg, no matter how well it's done.

    Sorry if that bursts your bubble sjeeps. pic

    Posted: Monday, 10 September 2007 at 1:07PM

  • sjeepssjeeps
    edited September 2007
    @Wanderer Yes, Digg is Digg and you are right but I didn't try to mimic or imitate it. This is just an attempt to make the traditional forum look more stylish, updated and modern. And you didn't bursts my bubble, thanks for the feedback. :)
  • With all due respect you can make a forum, indeed any site, look stylish, updated and modern without copying Digg.

    The Digg site is so well known that people won't be able to help but notice and that would detract from the content.

    You obviously have talent and skill as well as an eye for detail mate, why don't you come up with your own fresh and original look?

    Posted: Monday, 10 September 2007 at 1:55PM

  • Thanks for the complements and I'll take your suggestions into consideration.
  • KrakKrak New
    edited September 2007

    Doesn't look exactly like Digg now does it? I wouldn't call that a copy or a clone except for maybe the little yellow boxes. And I would say sjeeps has made a few with a "fresh and original look":

    Its clean, minimalistic and I happen to like it. So imo its awesome. I didn't post that everyone must think this is great. I did.

    I'd be willing to bet I can count the discussions you have posted that do not mention Windows or Mac on at least one level or another on two hands or less. Get off it dude. HTF did you even bring an OS into this one?
  • I agree with Krak, the only thing that seems the same to me is the yellow boxes. If he called it something completely different I wouldn't have known thats what he was basing it off of.

    But to each his own. I think its nice, simple and works.
  • Hey Krak mate, just read your blog post (August 29th, 2007) on drug testing, funny coincidence given your chosen nickname!

    I didn't mention either OS per se, I simply mentioned how inane and vacuous it was to mimic either one, but had you actually read my post fully and not gone off half-cocked at the trigger words you'd know that.

    In your own words "I don’t think I need to keep typing."

    Posted: Monday, 10 September 2007 at 2:48PM

  • lolz
  • Looks great sjeeps, keep up the hard work! Does it work with most extensions, or is it quite picky about those it can use?
  • Thanks [-stash-]!
    I've done some changes around and got rid of the yellow boxes so it doesn't "attempt to mimic" Digg :p
    I only tested it with "Category Jumper" and "Discussion Excerpt" extensions so far but it should work with most extensions.
  • Try Page Management ;)
  • Looks fine to me :)

    Vanilla Digg
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