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I've made the switch...

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At the (enormous) risk of adding yet another MAC vs PC thread to this board (dont. seriously.) on Thursday night I finally made the switch (tm?). I picked up my shiny new MacBook from the Apple store in Manchester (man what an obnoxious irritating * the salesman was - typical mac user but I wont go into that) and I must say so far I'm rather enjoying it. I've not had much time to play with it cause I spent most of friday just moving stuff off my old laptop and then I went to Newcastle for the evening but it really is a lovely piece of kit. I managed to get it at a huge discount which was a major benefit as I'm not sure I could have talked myself into it otherwise (yeah you get loads of free software, it's cool, but I have the internet..) but I'm pretty pleased with the purchase.

I'll probably drop back in here over the coming days/weeks as I muddle my way through things. I'm already missing a lot of stuff my PC was doing for me but obviously it'll take a while to get everything set up and configured how I want it and also find replacement bits of software/etc (I've already got windows running in fusion and I'm hoping to add solaris and ubuntu to the mix aswell just for fun) so I'm giving it chance to wow me though it already has.

So come and join the party. Tell me what cool stuff I can now do which would otherwise take me weeks to discover.


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    Man I envy you. Also not wanting to start another war, but 4 of my friends/relatives have also just made or are in the process of making the switch to Mac from many years of PC using and Mac bashing.

    The sad bit is that I have a new job and it requires me to use a PC. I too am missing a lot of stuff my Mac at home does for me, but most of all I am depressed having to put up with all the gray that faces me, they won't use Vista, it's XP that sits there and adorns my work day.

    What have I done to deserve this?

    Anyway mate, when you have a need for your Mac to do something it doesn't do out of the box, pop your question here and I'm sure you'll get an answer.

    Now what does control-alt-delete so again? And why do I have to go to Start to stop?

    Posted: Sunday, 30 September 2007 at 7:27AM

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    Funny you should mention the start to stop thing, I was actually sat looking at my mac yesterday wondering how the hell to reboot it. Rebooting computers isnt something I often do, let alone when they run on a platform as stable as macs, but I was utterly bewildered. Until my friend pointed out that you can actually click on the apple and I was taken back to my primary school days playing on the times. You realise XP does blue and green too? It's not grey as standard.
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    I use Windows mostly because all the software I use for my home business (I'm a music producer) runs exclusively in Windows. No Mac, no Linux, nothin' but Windows. There are a few Linux equivalents, but I can't get any of them working with any consistency, so I just scrapped the idea and went back to what I know works. And don't give me GarageBand, GarageBand is for ametures. I need professional stuffs, after all, I dropped $150 on a professional sound card, might as well get the most out of it. :D

    But I actually prefer Linux over anything else... INCLUDING Macs.
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    Quote: Minisweeper
    pic You realise XP does blue and green too? It's not grey as standard. pic
    I was talking about all of the grey dialog boxes, can I change them to green?
    And what about PowerPoint, how can I kill that altogether? Oh I was so spoiled with Keynote.

    Hello Scorpious, yes GarageBand is for amateurs mate, that's the target audience, why not join the myriad of music professionals using Macs successfully and take a look at Logic Pro?

    $150 on a professional sound card? Wow what a big spender, I just spent that much on a pair of shoes!

    Posted: Sunday, 30 September 2007 at 2:26PM

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    edited September 2007
    Why are you so anti-PC? I'm not anti-Mac, I just don't like them for myself, I get by fine on what I have. I don't have the money to spend on a computer that I'm not going to see any real benefit over what I've already got for what I use it for other than the actual case of the computer looking sexier.

    Let's examine the costs:

    My computer, an AMD 64 X2 4400+, cost me a total of $400 to build myself (including that $150 sound card that costs less than your shoes). The program I use for most of my work cost $150 more. I have a couple other programs and some VST's that cost another $200 or so. You're asking me to use a program that costs more than my whole computer, not to mention I have to buy a computer that will likely cost me five or six times what mine cost. Umm, yeah... I think I'll pass on that.

    As far as the colors go, all you have to do is change the colors of the dialog boxes (or the whole scheme, if you like) in Control Panel -> Display -> Appearance.

    *Edit* In all fairness, I actually considered picking up an old Apple notebook the other day... til I found out it was a 133MHz PowerPC.
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    Quote: Scorpious
    pic Why are you so anti-PC? I'm not anti-Mac... pic
    For the record mate, read over what you said yourself!

    I'm not about to get into another battle over this one, as far as I'm concerned it's been fought and won!

    YOU said you were a music producer and YOU couldn't find anything professional on Mac (nor Windows for that matter). YOU criticised GarageBand as being for amateurs!

    I simply pointed out a professional solution for you, which, if you are in the business would surely have known about!

    As for "You're asking me to use a program that costs more than my whole computer..." that's the price you pay for professional software mate, have you had a look at what the Adobe Creative Suite costs for professional designers?

    Professionals in my game use professional software, if you decide to go crappy cheap and stick with Microsoft Publisher then you have no right to whinge about the lack of... whatever you were whinging about.

    Actually pro software only cost more than your whole computer because you obviously have a [insert crappy adjective here] computer.

    I think you need to look up "professional" in the dictionary, assuming your budget allows you to have one of course.

    Posted: Sunday, 30 September 2007 at 3:31PM

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    edited September 2007
    Fought and won, eh? And your Mac is running on what processor now? Core 2 Duo, you say? Hmm... :p

    I love it when Mac guys go postal about hating PC's... PC's are just fine, it's not the system that sucks, it's the OS, and as I've already said, Linux > ALL. Linux is the best OS by far for any system... it's faster, more stable, and free, the way ANY OS should be. And there's more software available for Linux than there is for Mac nowadays. Not to mention that PC's are faster, cheaper, and more user-friendly than ever before, and certainly a lot cheaper than any Mac.

    As far as your work system running XP, I feel your pain... that's why I got WindowBlinds with the Windows Vista theme :D haha. Nobody can tell the difference when they see my system.

    *Edit* By the way... who said anything about Microsoft Publisher? I'm a music producer, not a desktop publishing guy...
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    stop it.
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    Max_BMax_B New
    edited September 2007
    This was started as a thread asking for useful stuff on Mac, remember?
    My input, dev stuff:
    - programmer state of the art editor: TextMate. And also the packed in developer tools (with Xcode).
    - stylesheet editor: CSSedit.
    - get the Enjoy the Web Inspector.
    - server side stuff, either get package from Marc Liyanage's, or the all in one MAMP application . This one is useful to have Apache 1.3 and 2.0 side by side.
    - using Safari2 Safari3 and WebKit side by side (for site testing): I added my own input to this hint to have the three running rather than 2 (my post is misplaced in the first comment replies).
    - GUI front end to SVN: svnX
    - FTP client CyberDuck
    - free ruler a useful small app to help check the size of anything on your screen.

    - VLC read most video codecs unknown to QuickTime (you can find combo codecs plugins as well)
    I don't mention cross-sytem well known apps (firefox, SVN, Skype…)
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    As a user who was only PC until a few years ago, I was confused by how to navigate into a subdirectory in finder (in the arrows view whatever it's called) using the keyboard. Just use Apple+Down and that will open directories and files. Similarly, think of Apple+Up as backspace in Windows Explorer.

    Incidentally, is there any better way of doing this (keyboard navigation through finder windows), and is there a real way to actually make the view settings of Finder windows (Apple+J) stick? I've tried the "All Windows" option but it just doesn't seem to work in 10.3...

    Given the choice I'd be using PathFinder, but at work I don't get the choice (hence 10.3).
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    FInder navigation: I'm using arrow keys… maybe I don't get your question.

    option+J: the setting for "all windows" applies to every window which does not have already a setting by itself. You can delete .DS_Store hidden files to get rid of per/folder settings. Also don't miss the Finder global preference to default to the most productive "columns" view.
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    Is TextMate what was used in all the RoR sample/tutorial videos? I think it was, it made me jealous. :( I recommend VLC as well, as an overall replacement. QT blows (so does WMP for that matter). VLC plays everything under the sun, and... dude its just better check it out (can also run off a mem stick!).
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    screw cyberduck. transmit is the best ftp program period.
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    I've heard that you open a window to the folder location you want, adjust the settings, then close the window. Then it should stick when you open that folder again. This is the only way I've heard that works, though I still hear it doesn't work. Maybe in Panther there are still too many problems, but Tiger is supposed to remember it.

    To rename a folder or file, select it and press return. After renaming, press return again: it's set. As opposed to clicking on the name and hovering for an indeterminate length of time (that way started on the Mac with System 7 and I can't remember from System 6 what it was that I thought was better...).

    If you get tired of confirm dialogs for things like restart, shut down and log out, you can hold down option(alt) and it will do the action immediately.

    • Presentations? Mouseposé. I've had Windows users gaga over the cropping marquee in Preview, but Mouseposé is so much nicer.
    • Text editor on the cheap? TextWrangler (free).
    • MenuMeters puts your info where you need it (also free).
    • Chat: Adium X (donationware) — what doesn't it do?
    • When you get tired of the Dock (oops! maybe I shouldn't say that! :D ) step up to a fully customizable program launcher: DragThing
    • I love PowerMail plaintext e-mail client for its fast, fast searching. If you like HTML mail stick with Apple's Mail.
    • Simply the easiest backup software: SuperDuper! ... unless you want to wait for Leopard's Time Machine.
    • Hopefully you never need this one, but if you must invest in disk repair software, DiskWarrior has it all in the bag. Norton Utilities? Don't waste your money.
    • MAMP, Transmit, VLC — I agree!
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    Oh Mini, you need to learn the power of Quicksilver...
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    adriantransmit is the best ftp program period.
    yep. Trasmit is good. I'm using Cyberuck cause it's free. Will give a try to Transmit3. Is it good at web site mirror/sync?
    In fact I'm relying to batch command line sitecopy for this purpose.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    My Sony VAIO laptop is slowly grinding down to a halt. I'm in the process of upgrading my macbook pro (more ram, bigger hard drive) and I will be putting bootcamp on it. I was pleased to see that you can browse the windows hard drive from a mac when bootcamp is installed. It will allow me to choose one hard drive to put all my music, projects, etc on - and reference it all in the same place from either operating system - no need for duplicates.

    I'm so looking forward to having a fast computer to develop on again.
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    Upgrading your pro? Crazy man! I didnt realise you could swap hard drives on mac's very easily? I took out the applecare plan incase this thing blew cause I wasnt sure how fixable they were (not like good old pc's eh?) but I am planning a ram upgrade when I find some spare cash...

    You should check out vmware fusion if you havent already, Mark. It runs windows apps transparently and I must say it's pretty impressive.
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    Hmm. Just had a quick play with quicksilver and I've a feeling after a few weeks me and it will be very good friends indeed. I was really starting to miss the old 'double tap ctrl to pop up a google search/open firefox' provided by google desktop. Will quicksilver warn me if I try and make a shortcut that's likely to conflict with something?
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