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How to switch off accepting of the user by the administrator?

edited September 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I greet all. I am new so when the opportunity occurs sie I will greet. I have a question: How to switch off accepting of the user by the administrator, I installed the module Applicant Email Verification but he does not let on the auto-registration? Sorry for my english. Thank You.


  • Mmmh, I never tried this, but I heard about "changing the new member role to member in the registration settings".
  • With Applicant Email Verification, the applicant need to answer an email to activate its account. But you still can pick which role he will get after activation: applicant (new administrator review) or member (or whatever). You still have the choice.
  • Hello Thank You for replies. It succeeded . But I had to change access rights for the file setting.php, whether I can it change now back for the safety?
  • Again, it's your own choice. It's more secure to restrict write actions on it, but you'll have to change this again if you need to do some administration stuff.
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