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User Titles

edited May 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Would be kool the have the ability to give every user a special title that is shown under his name in every post. In the admin panel you can choose if the users themselves can choose their title or only the admins can give titles.


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    Nah, that's a common thing you see on er.... more "common" forums, we are all even in a community, no need to make anyone special?
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    Sounds to me like signatures but above the post instead of underneath.
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    Signatures too are an ugly pain I think. The people who use them think they are clever, funny or profound but I think signatures just take up space and add clutter. Most are not formatted properly and are way too ugly.

    I'm full of it today!
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    Such a title function could be bent to more useful ends...
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    Hm yesterday another idea came up: every user can enter a color for example #ff0066 in his profile, then his name has this color. i think that's more extraordinary. what do you think?
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    I think that could get very annoying. FYI the user writing thing would be a 'per user tagline' (see role taglines). Feel free to do either though, that's what addons are all about!
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    /bump Anyone willing to mod signatures for a user title extension? I think user titles help to give members a little more personality. Cheers!
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    hmmm... like:

    [ICON] userName: UserName's Title Here XX minutes ago
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    raykrayk New
    edited May 2008
    fysicsluvr: Yeah kinda like that, I was thinking this way

    [ICON] userName XX minutes ago
    [____] usertitle
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    Yeah, this would be nice as an add-on or even a feature that's turned off by default. I like the "clean" default look of Vanilla forums too.

    Interestingly, at the forum I help administer--over at users wanted larger avatars, so our webmaster edited the forum software itself to make a workaround to display the larger of the two reduced avatars...and this left a very convenient little space in which titles could be displayed.
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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    You can set the avatar size with config values rather than hacking the core software.
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