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How do you disable user icons?

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How do/can you disable user icons in vanilla? I'm using the default theme. Cheers


  • Perhaps giving a default role icon of a blank image would accomplish that.
  • By editing some theme-files?
  • I'm sure it's in the vanilla.css file, set to display:none maybe?
  • uh, none of the suggestions above are good ways to turn off the icons because the users will still see an option to activate the icons from their Profile page.
  • Fyorl is right, setting the icon of the "Member" role to a blank image will override any icons that members specify in their Profile pages.
  • @dan39: Users still see an option to add an icon even if Role Icons are set. So you have exactly the same problem if you set any type of default role icon, not just a blank one.
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    Found it; to disable icons you need to edit the code in the 'account_identity_form.php' ps tell me if this is bad practice but it takes the ability to add icons away so *thumbs up*
  • It's only "bad practice" because you have edited a core file and will probably need to do it again when Vanilla is updated.

    Maybe some clever person is able to make it an extension for you?

    Posted: Tuesday, 29 January 2008 at 9:18PM

  • Why make an extension or hack a core file when you can do it without any of that?
  • OK, so how?
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    By using the method I suggested in the second post of this discussion.
  • dan39dan39 New
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    Doesn't that just insert an empty box next to everyone's name? That's not really a solution. sheffieldbleep's idea is better, but it has minor drawbacks. The proper way to edit account_identity_form.php is to make a new theme and edit the file within that theme to remove the preference from the account page. Of course, if you already have users who've added the icon to their profile, that won't remove their icon. You'll need to edit the comments.php file in your theme as well. Making a new theme is the best practices approach because it will make upgrading to new versions of Vanilla easier.
  • It is a solution as it solves the problem. It may not solve it to the extent that you imagine it should but that's not reason enough to label it as not being a solution at all.
  • If the empty box is 1x1 pixel and transparent, who really gives a rat's ass?
  • But that's a dirty hack to what should be a default feature.
  • It's the least dirty of the hacks posted here, but yes, it probably should be a default feature.
  • More appropriately, user icons shouldn't even be in the core - if you're gonna go *really* vanilla about this.
  • Ha, in fact, we shouldn't have whispers or categories or even profile pages.
  • Yeah. Whispers got taken out once but adding them as an extension slowed the thing down far too much so they went back in the core. Categories have been on the verge...
  • Hold up, I'm all for "vanilla" but truly there is a minimum level of functionality that people expect from a forum out of the box.
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