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Attachments issues

edited March 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I've searched, but can find no similar troubles. I've got this displaying on my frontpage:

// Attachments Table Structure $DatabaseTables['Attachment'] = 'Attachment'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['AttachmentID'] = 'AttachmentID'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['UserID'] = 'UserID'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['DiscussionID'] = 'DiscussionID'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['CommentID'] = 'CommentID'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['Title'] = 'Title'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['Description'] = 'Description'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['Name'] = 'Name'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['Path'] = 'Path'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['Size'] = 'Size'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['MimeType'] = 'MimeType'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['DateCreated'] = 'DateCreated'; $DatabaseColumns['Attachment']['DateModified'] = 'DateModified'; ?>

It popped up sometime after installing Attachments or a related extension. Have tried toggling all extensions to fix.

Any ideas why this appears only on the login screen? The regular functions of forum seem to be working fine.


  • It looks like the text was supposed to be commented, but is missing the "*" needed for the "/*"?
  • this is a different question, but I can't find the solution anywhere. I'm using attachments 1.4 .1 and i had just gotten uploads to work last night (I was having permission errors, but they were fixed) and I upload two images to test. NOW, I can't upload anything, but I DON'T GET AN ERROR. It just posts the message without the image attached. PLEASE, HELP.
  • UPDATE: this only happens with SOME computers. I am trying to upload a picture from a computer at my work, and the picture doesn't upload, but I get no error. Then I try to upload an image from my personal laptop, connected to the work's wireless network and I have no problems, the image uploads fine. Why would this be?
  • @thefatty

    Do you have more info on this problem?
    Have you tried deinstalling and reinstalling the extension?
    Have you tried another version of Attachments?
  • I had this problem earlier today. I fixed it by editing the conf/database.php file. The attachment extension seems to add an extra set of <?php ?> tags in the file. Remove the extra tags and everthing should be working fine. In other words you should have <?php at the very beginning of the file, and ?> at the very end.
  • Ok im using Vanilla version 1.1.10>Browser Mozilla Firefox. I have added attachments 1.4.1 to my extensions and activated it, but I get an error when trying to upload anything. Someone please tell me specificly which line of the php code I need to edit and what to replace it with etc....? btw Using PSPAD as editor.
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