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Vanilla and MediaTemple

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I've been trying to install vanilla in media temple and it does not seem to be working, can someone please run me through some kind of setting check because i can not figure out what settings im missing. My PHP settings are at 4 instead of 5 could that be it? thanks


  • not that this helps, but I'd dump mediatemple altogether (have very *very* bad experiences with 'grid' and tech support)
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    what would you recommend because i have gone to fatcow but theirs was to slow and i had trouble installing vanilla with them. and godaddy's hosting just sucks, and ya could you please help me with a host because i can not find one that works with speed and compatibility with vanilla and wordpress
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    i think have a good hoster, very good service and no downtimes for arround two years now, i pay 2€ (= 3$/1,5£) per month, unlimited traffic, 300 mb webspace, incl. one domain.

    mediatemple is brutally expensive and honestly your (website) visitor does'nt care for what or for who you pay.
    at least - server uptime and a low price is essential ,a cheesy webserver-gui or the name of a hoster is totally minor and inefficient.
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    you never said who the hoster is ? is bluehost or dreamhost good at all? My old website got a lot of users coming in so i need something good that can hold everyone
  • well it's a german host, probably nothing for you :)
  • Check this comment about php session on Mediatemple:
  • i dont have any problems with mediatemple I'm on gs running vanilla
  • What is your problem? I didn't have any problem installing vanilla on mediatemple (I am using php5)
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    well when i upload the file i name it "forum" and then i try going to and the setup guide does not come up? what am i doing wrong? my stuff is located in domains/ i also tried doing domains/ and i also tried putting the folder in the data/users HELP PLEASE
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    just thought I'd state the obvious, but did you unzip it?

    well when i upload the file i name it "forum" and then...
  • yes lol i unzipped it
  • did you chmod your setup folder to 755?
  • Also, are you sure you have your files in the appropriate location? A quick search shows that the path for MediaTemple would be: /home/YOURsiteNUMBER/domains/ e.g., /home/9328/domains/ So your forum directory should be located there. I don't have mediatemple, so I can't confirm this info.
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    all 775 settings i used with my ftp client. im using panic transmit yes its in the html/ public folder but its only coming up as how do i make it
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    nevermind i got it....thanks everyone for your help
  • Glad to hear you got things working. Might be helpful for someone in the future if you post the solution!
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    something happened to my html/public folder it had its 775 settings messed up it had 756 by mistake. i must have type in a wrong number when configuring everything. I have another question though when i try to change my theme in vanilla it says that my php settings need read access , i have php 4 set up, how do i give it read access it does not give me that option to change it
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    don't get me wrong but i have a question.

    here is a quote from mediatemple:
    In many ways you could say our main product is customer support. It's what we work on the hardest. 90% of our staff is in some way dedicated to this process. Beyond fast speeds, amazing technology, and great uptime records - we realize that we must judge our success on how well we have supported our clients. It's really what matters the most in business today.

    are they on vacation? :D

    other than that, i'm glad your vanilla forum is up and running now :)
  • Slightly OT: I can post exchanges with tech support as well as pingdom logs that will cure your desire to host with MT once and for all. I am talking about the time when they were launching their gridserver stuff, so perhaps it's better now... If you're into the grid thing, I actually have very good experiences with Mosso... In general however I'd recommend hosting with a smaller company. Oh, and budget hosting @ $3 a month is silly if you expect any kind of service or speed.
  • I'm with bluehost and I took out their 2 year plan so I'm paying roughly $7 a month (although that's technically $3.50/month because I split it with a friend). I get 2TB of bandwidth, 200GB of storage, 20 subdomains and 50 databases. Also, I've had really good experience with tech support. I just use their live chat and all my issues have been solved in under an hour. </$0.02>
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