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Uploading forum files to new server

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Hi, I am the new owner of a domain. Prior to taking ownership I was the "webmaster" for the site. Prior to transferring the domain name I backed up all the files from the server. Once the transfer was completed I uploaded all the backup files to the server. However, the forum does not work. This what comes up: Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: context in /homepages/22/d240295841/htdocs/forum/appg/init_vanilla.php on line 42 Unfortunately, I was not the original "webmaster" to this site and did not setup this forum. It was working and I didn't bother to learn about it now I'm stuck trying to get it to work. For that reason, I am very new at this so I really could use someone to explain it in laymen terms how I can get the backed up forum files to work when I upload them to the server. I'd like to be able to keep the forum that was on the site but if we have to just start over with a brand new forum then I guess I'll have to accept that. Thanks for your help!!!


  • did you back up the MySQL database, too?
  • I backed up the entire Web site (EVERYTHING)! Can you tell me where I would find the MySQL database? Is it in my "forum" folder or is it in a folder called "Wiki?" Thanks, MJ
  • It's not in either folder and I'm not exactly sure where it would be. However, the MySql database would typically be backed up through your host admin. The backup file would then be FTPd to your computer.
  • I will look in all the files I backed up when I get home tonight and see if there is anything in them called MySql. Do you have any advice as to how I should upload my files to get it to work. Is there a process I should be following? Do I need to upload a fresh new install of the Vanilla software first and then overwrite it? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. MJ
  • I might have figured out the MySql thing out. I logged into my domain host and added a MySql database in there. When I get home I'm going to use all the information from that for the upgrade. I guess my questions are: 1. Do I install a fresh version of Vanilla and then overwrite? <or> 2. Do I upload the files to my server and do an upgrade? Thanks, MJ
  • Well, I've been able to install a new forum. I'm not sure if I can take the files I've backed up and overwrite them on the server to restore the old forum or not. I'm the new domain owner so the MySql database was probably in the old owner's account and I did not have access to that to back it up. I've probably lost all the forum files ... right? Or can I use what I have to add to the new forum I just installed? Thanks for all your advice!!! MJ
  • All the user data, etc are stored in the MySQL database. Chances are, if you were just pulling folders using an ftp client, you didn't get the MySQL database. (In other words, you can't access MySQL directly using a browser or ftp client). The only thing you can salvage from the backed up forum files is the extensions (copy over the extensions folder exactly as it is in the backup, then in vanilla go to settings->extensions)
  • Oh Maryjane, I feel your pain. I was in the same situation as you. If you can, contact the previous owner and request his backup copies of the database(s). If they are still on his phpmyadmin account, he can export a copy and send it to you. Chances are he may still have them on his server, if he had multiple domains, or he may still have copies on his computer. Did he not mention this to you when you acquired the forum? Anyway, it's worth a try. He should have volunteered these to you; it's his responsibility to do so. I've learned that the databases are everything, the guts of the whole operation. You can always add back in the frills, but once the guts are gone, you have to re-create. If he had a techie doing his webmastering for him, try and find out who, and pump them for a copy. Use a "pretty please" or two, and most likely they'll come through.
  • make that three "pretty please"s, and mail him/her a chocolate cake!
  • That wouldn't work with my techie guy, he's a diabetic!
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    well, he can have some sugar free peeps! they'd probably fare better in the mail then a chocolate cake anyway.


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  • OK ... I was able to contact the previous domain owner. He sent me a backup of the database and it is in .txt format. He stated he knows nothing at all on how to restore the database but I looked at the .txt file and looks like it is all in there. Now I need you kind folks to give me EASY step by step instructions on how to make my fresh clean install of the forum into displaying the backed up data that I now have. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! Muchos gracias!!!!! MJ
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