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Speed Of Forum

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Are there any tricks to speeding up my forum?

I updated to 1.1.4, even contacted my host (Go Daddy) to ask them if there were any known speed issues. They said they tested my forum, and it looked fine. So, I was just wondering if there were any tricks I am missing. I would like it to work as quickly as this forum does here.

Thanks. My forum is located at:


  • Depending on what addons you have, Low-Cal Vanilla will either speed up your forum, or crash it. The lussumo forum isn't much faster than yours; it can probably be attributed to the speed of the servers themselves. In that case, Low-Cal Vanilla won't work. I would give it a try, though, and let us know if it helps. (If it crashes your forum, it should be an easy fix)
  • Heya, this may be a shot in the dark, but it's a cool performance tune-up I just learned today, which changed my forum's load speed (which had historically been awesome until recently) from "slow horseshit" to "flying speed energy awesomeness". I noticed that a lot of my tables had what phpMyadmin referred to as "Overhead".

    I selected all tables, Repaired them, then Optimized them, and now my forum flies again. Give it a shot, maybe, if you have phpMyadmin?

    Good luck!
  • better yet, someone could package that together as a vanilla extension / cron job that runs every 2-6 weeks or so.
  • Andy K that's an awesome tip, did the trick for me too, quite a noticeable difference in speed.

    Yes fysicsluvr, an extension to achieve this, even manually activated would be great.
  • hmm... if this extension is manually activated... could it show you a total database overhead, like at the bottom of the db structure in phpmyadmin? and depending on the size of the overhead, recommend cleanup or not? (of course it wouldn't do this every time a page is requested, but say, on the vanilla updates page say something like, "now would also be a good time to check your database overhead, click here to do so," and link to a page within vanilla settings that will do the cleanup if required.)
  • Thank you everyone. I will give your suggestions a try.
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    fysicsluvr, if it does crash, how should I fix it? I do have it backed up on my local computer. Would I just upload that?
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    I liked the idea of an extension like this and started working on this Optimize Tables Extension.

    Thanks for your ideas!
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    no, you would just disable the extension by deleting its line in /path/to/vanilla/conf/extensions.php or as a last resort, delete the folder in /path/to/vanilla/extensions/ (but you will get some errors on your settings -> extensions page until you delete the reference to it in the /conf/extensions.php, which is the manual equivalent of disabling it)
  • Thank you fysicsluvr. I am so new to this, so a little confused about what you wrote. The good news, I just downloaded and installed the extension, and it worked fine. In fact, I noticed a increase in speed already, so thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Hopefully, I don't have to worry about it crashing.....
  • yea, i guess that was a little confusing explanation, but that's what you'd do if an extension caused a fatal error. You should also try the optimize table extension mentioned above.
  • I will try it, thanks.
  • Need to thank all of you here. Since I upgraded, and added the 2 extensions given, the speed has improved A LOT. The only thing that is slow now is signing in, but I can deal with that. Thanks.
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    Just an update, the forum seems to have slowed down again. I do not know why. If there are any more things some of you know to speed up a forum, please let me know.

    I did contact my host, who tested it, and said there was not issues at their end. My forum is at:

    Thank you.

    Edit: See, when I posted here, it took a fraction of a second for my post to appear. On my forum, it sometimes takes 10-20 seconds for a post to appear.
  • It may have to do with the actual computing speed of the severs your host use.
  • So, I guess that means the speed it is?

    Sounds like there is nothing I can do. Thanks fysicsluvr for the response.
  • In that case, then no; but if that's not the problem, I don't know what it is.
  • I do feel like it is Go Daddy. My Word Press loads slow as well, but they claim that is fine too!
  • In that case, then it may be the host's connection to the internet. I would assume GoDaddy would be smart enough to have competent servers, but they may have seen a rise in sites hosted with them, and so traffic is higher.

    Regardless, you now know know the cause of it, and can do what you need to keep it as fast as possible.
  • I dumped Go Daddy because not only were they slow sometimes (often), they flatly refused to answer my queries.

    They are also crooks as they refused to honour a valid discount voucher which I entered at the time of purchase.

    They were slow replying then either canned (prepared answers) or abrupt and rude when they eventually did reply.

    However they are now very pleasant and cordial when inviting me back after I refused to renew with them.

    I now get great satisfaction telling them to Go get xxxxed Daddy!
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