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Is anyone here a gamer?

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Just curious...what do you play and where (online, obviously)


  • I play Counter Strike: Source mainly.

    I don't know why I've said mainly actually. That's all I play actually. Would've started years ago but I didn't have broadband for ages and when I did get it my computer couldn't hack the latest games. Woe is me.
  • I play Return to Castle Wolfenstein, come play if you want.
  • I'm in the middle of a 10-day trial of WoW. I'm on Earthen Ring.
  • used to be a big Day of Defeat fan, until Battlefield 2 took over my life 2 months ago. :)

    my stats. :)
  • Does Gran Tourismo 4 and MotoGP 2 count lol... I have never had a computer game on any of my previous or current computers.

  • lechlech Chicagoland
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    Unreal Tournament 2004, because it's so damn easy to code and map for.

    That and I like to run my opponents over with tanks.

    my stats
  • Whoa, I'm a BIG gamer, I'm also somewhat of a developer, have worked on some mods and some game designs of my own. Games that I play currently are, Natural-Selection, Day Of Defeat, World of Warcraft, running my own guild, sometimes I go to CS:S and mow some people down, but it is just way too straight forward to me. Also have played some ladder matches on Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne, I play UT2k4 as a backup on my cousins clan, and ofcourse BF2, but I'm still waiting for the Special Forces to find a clan for it. I guess that was about it that I currently play online. You can add a thousand games more offline :D
  • Hmmm... CS:S like most folk here, Star Wars Galaxies when I feel bored enough, Halo 2 and Burnout 3 on Xbox Live also rule
  • fuck i gotta buy burnout 3.... my xbox has been doing nothing for the last year :|
  • I've got my trusty Xbox, and I've got Neverwinter Nights on the PC.
  • Halo2 Xboxer. (I'm crap though)
  • quake 3 arena osp ctf, of course. <:
  • halo2! woot! but i never play anymore, since world of warcraft has devoured my soul and all of my free time. there's a few of us around these parts that are avid LAN'ers, at which wc3 is the biggest staple (mods, like dota; never melee), but we play a few ut2k4 mods as well; assault, onslaught, and a smattering of deathmatch. i've got BF2, and would definitely play that more, but i've no time left over!
  • mark got me hooked on Q3 years ago but now i play UT2k4 ALL the time

    im part of an irish community of UT2k4 gamers and we play all the time and have two of our own servers

    server 1
    server 2

    we even setup a UT99 server for our old school peeps

    im actually the CL of our clan on ClanBase and we are currently in the TAM ladder there (TAM is a totally pwnage mod btw. it stands for "TeamArenaMaster" and is basically a UT conversion of Q3s Clan Arena)

    anyway, come say hi in on quakenet or hop on along to our site and check us out ---> - we are always glad to see new faces :)

    feel free to buddy me ---> UIE|nag :)
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    damn, last time i tried playing on a UK/IE based server, my ping was a bit unbearable unless it was ASw which doesn't require me to be planting extreme headshots. I also play FreezeDT (railgun only freezetag) in Q3 on rare occasions. Nag, when do you guys normally play ut?
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    pretty much all the time :p

    ive been away for the last two weeks so i dont know the current state of play but i pretty much play every evening. there are usually a couple of people lurking around the place at any one time. if you join our irc channel ( and asked if anyone wanted a game im sure you'd get a good few replies. but, in general, its in the evenings here that youll get people playing on our servers (from 7 GMT onwards usually)

    we also have a TS channel btw that we use regularly

    lech, im assuming that your either in the US or Canada. in which case ive no doubt that your ping would be absolute sh1te to EU servers :( Try joining one of our servers later on and see what ping ya get. barring that, if ya want a game, im sure we could come up with some server somewhere where our pings are agreable :p
  • i only play mind games with you heart.
  • so aloha, it has been you all the time!
  • let's say maybe...
  • mostly xbox stuff... mines hacked so only play on Xlink Kai not xboxlive. But usually forza and since I downloaded it 2 days ago... the new Rainbow Six: Lockdown. and used to play Americas Army on pc a lot.. not so much anymore... work too much.
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