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So my friend just got broadband and wants to know how to download music free

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wtf is this?! 1990?


  • Maybe. We are afterall talking on a forum. If this were the future, I'd be broadcasted straight in to your eyeballs or something, and that is some crazy stuff.
  • FLCFLC New
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    pffft... bittorrent is his friend...

    me? I've been using this last 3 days, downloaded 1.5gb for $30 (take that iTMS!)
  • its a girl, and therefore has even less chance of working out how to use bittorrent than a guy who'd only just got round to getting broadband. and yeah, i used to have a napster subscription which i was happy with, but it only does wma's and ipods refuse to play them :(
  • you have a friend... who is a girl? awesome.

    anyway; winmx, itunes, edonkey, kazaalite
  • i know!! astonishing!! i was so proud of myself. Realistically though, which of those can i let her loose on and not guarantee that she'll fill her pc with virii/spyware within a minute?
  • I'd personally recommend Soulseek. Never had a virused file from there. It's just not as quick as the previously mentioned ones.
  • soulseek for single MP3s.

    bittorrent for full albums.
  • i've never used soulseek. And as for speed i'm not sure what she's actually on, on the basis that it took them this long to get broadband anyway, i wouldnt be surprised if someone conned them into 512k for some stupid price. They should be on atleast 2meg though. After dialup anything is fast.
  • lament summed it up better.
  • I'd recommend Cabos. Although a bittorrent walk through shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. BT would probably be the most beneficial for ergh.. legal downloads. I'm assuming she plans on downloading tracks from artists who support file trading? :)

  • Soulseek (for old school chums slsk) is the best for rare stuff, like funk and old jazz, everthing else for this new crap thes youngings listen, like britney axe and just in case and what the hell squad, backstreet nobodies. Soulseek for the GOODmusic, like 70s proge rock, gentle giant, jethro tull, soft machine, tangerine dream! WHOOO!!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff is alright.
  • i use edonkey and never had a problem
  • soulseek is even better than most bit torrent sites for full albums becuase the people on soulseek have more varied musical tastes and are more into amassing huge collections than any other p2p out there. the main program itself is a little buggy, so i personally use nicotine, and i know there are other clones for mac. i agree with kosmo and disagree with lament. one thing about soulseek, though, is that you have some elitists who won't let you d/l from them because they don't like your taste in music or you don't share your entire hd. not many, but there will be a few. i have seen some ok torrent sites for specific genres. some edonkey sites end up being ok too. it all depends on what other people want to upload, and sometimes they don't want to upload anything new. anything that connects to gnutella would be good enough for most peoples' terrible music taste.
  • That elitist attitude really grates me at times on slsk.
  • But long time SLSK yahoos like me has amassed a quite good reputation on certain circles, like in the Jazz section and I have gathered an army of friends and our cirlce has about every jazz artist and record you might ever want to listen. So either way, you still have to do some work if you are looking for some good old music, but if you want some new shit, you might aswell turn on the radio.
  • if slsk server would've ever kept my name, than possibly i could've built a reputation...
  • man, i got fed of with slsk because nobody was ever on! i could never find anything! i mean, i know i like obscure music, but c'mon!!
  • IRC or torrents are really the only way to go. If you want to get music, do it right, and and learn how to use torrents and/or IRC. To hell with those crappy apps. Its not like its hard to learn how to use torrents, IRC maybe a little harder for some to grasp but torrents...pffff easy. 20 minutes and you can have Azureus up and running with full knowledge on how to use it. You can find tutorials on them all over the place. Ircspy/ have them for sure. Heres a torrent list I have,, and (for metal) are by far the best sites IMHO.
  • I agree with the torrents, and the IRC thing is basically like the SLSK without the easy download/upload interface, you actually have to bother people to get files, and ofcourse then there is the problem of finding a good server and a channel, but it's creating a network. There are 50gigs worth of good reasons (few bad songs tho) to use SLSK on my HDD But, nothing beats the joy of actually buying a CD, or better yet LP and putting it to your player and laying on the bed with the Missis :D
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