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phpbb3 > vanilla

I would like to move my forum to Vanilla from phpbb3.02.
To do this I need to use v0.9.2.x, then upgrade to 1.1.5, right?

Where do I get 0.9.2.x?



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    Thank you!
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    Has anyone attempted migrating phpbb3 to Vanilla?

    The migration utility available here is for phpbb2
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    Why don't you convert the phpbb3 DB to phpbb2, then Vanilla? =P
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    There is no downgrade converter for that.
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    hmm... I'm thinking about convert from phpBB3 to Vanilla too...
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    i am very interested in converting from phpbb3 to vanilla as well, my knowledge is pretty limited on things, but i'd be more then happy to help out if i can. the same goes for moving from zetaboards to vanilla too. @stash the link you're dropping vomits a 403 error. i messed around with a backed up database i had of my phpbb3 and chaos ensued and i might of peed a little in fear. i figured, why not? i'm clever... change a name here double-check to see if certain things existed in the db... figured magic would happen. magic did not happen. the light from "clever" will take close to eight years to reach me. long story short: still on phpbb3.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    @sleepnevercomes - sorry about stash's broken link. That was my bad (moved servers recently). It's fixed now.
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    @mark thanks a lot, i appreciate it. now i will get back to being clever all over again. by clever i mean making lots of backups and prayers for rain. now if only there was a freaking roll-back for phpbb3 to 2, then at least i'd feel like i got dinner first before things got sinister.
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    has anyone successfully converted from phpbb3 to vanilla?
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