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A Phone that actually rocks

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In the iPod Nano thread, I said that if they were going to bring a Phone with intergrated music player, they should have a big memory in it. Well, it seems that Nokia has been thinking the same thing. I know that Motorola and Apple brought their musicplayer/phone, but taking a closer look, I didn't find out how much memory the phone actually had, just an arbitrary number of 100 songs, which could be anything, but my guess is somewhere between 64MB and 128MB. Which is not nearly enough. Well, Nokias new 3250 has a 1gig memory out of the box, with the ability to increase it further with microSD cards (those are not cheap btw), it also has 2-megapixel camera and rather large high quality screen. So as far as phones go, this one might just hit the spot. But scrolling through the features I came around this piece of info: "Memory Functions* * 10 MB internal memory plus expandable memory up to 1GB for 750 songs with microSD card" So does this say, that the advertised 1gig memory doesn't come with the phone, but it's rather able to handle it?


  • most nokia can handle about 1gb of memory. it's just expensive.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    The one thing I would really like to see, is a nice pocket PC device that is set up like a phone to a degree or at least has a mic. With hotspots and formidable cellular level broadband, I can imagine hooking in with skype while on the road or traveling and not being charged for crazy minutes, instead just a solid monthly service fee for using the service while always being connected. Prefferably a device that also has a gig or two for storage and other programs.
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    I just found this sweet looking motorola Q w/ windows mobile 5 on it:


    I always go to these sites when looking for gadgets...

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    If its space you're looking for, the N91 is where its at. This along with a couple of other phones on their way towards the end of this year has a built in 4gig drive like the ipod mini/nanos. Its out here (uk) in Q4...i dont know when and if you crazy americans will get it. Last time i was over there your phones seemed like they were from about 1920 compared to what the UK was at but it seems you've done some catching up.,main_n91
  • Why do we always get the shitty end of the stick.... I want cool new phones. :( /me goes and sobs in a corner
  • /me whips everyone in the room "No one beats the country where Nokia phones come from!"
  • k750i best fone evah
  • If they put somethink like a 4 gig hdd in to a n-cage, and didn't make the hpone look like a pad, and put in a bigger screen. That phone would rock some ass. But I had my brothers p800 for a while, and that phone was just way too much, it was insane, it was a complete PDA, the only downside was that it didn't have big memory.
  • --and that it's fucking huge and weights a ton. I'd much rather have my nice pda and my phone and couple them up. Then i can go out with one or the other or both if i need to. And the k750i is nice, but it definately has some flaws.
  • k750i - flaws?

    mini: please elaborate...
  • well i'll put it this way - this is my third one. I got one of the first batch off the mill which is always a bad thing with technology but shit happens. My lost the ability to get reception. My second one crashed *constantly* and needed me to take the battery out to reboot. Which wasnt too bad till it refused to charge. And now i'm on my third which manages to get reception (pretty well actually) but has crashed once and also has a nasty habit of losing my shortcuts which gets pretty frustrating. Its also pretty irritating how you have to wait for a text to finish sending before you can continue using the phone. And how the shortcuts only go 2 levels deep into the main menu. And how you cant assign different tones for different profiles, only different volumes. And how you cant make the media button do anything besides media. And how there's such a delay on the photo capture (though i am aware digital cameras have this too) Its a shame its the best phone on the market right now - if they brought out a competitor i'd have no hesitation whatsoever going back to nokia. While i was waiting for my third k750 i started using my 6230 again and if it wernt for the appauling camera it cant be beat.
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    If my phone is slow or lags, I go berserk, I mean, I literally hurt people and eat kittens. My last Ericsson phone had a slow, slowwww, so slooooowwwwww, when I typed text, I finished three words before it finished typing the first one on the screen.
    And that is just fucking annoying as hell, I wish I never have to go through that again, and so I made a decision not to buy a single SonyEricsson phone unless it was a powerhouse like the p800 and p900.


    This goes a tad bit off the topic, but it continues nicely behind the primary worry of PDAs not having enough space in them.

    I found this just now, funny that it slipped my radar even though I read hardware sites in daily basis. But you can't register all data that goes by your eyes.

    So, basically, it is crem de la crem, in a star wars comparision, other PDAs are tie fighters and this is the death star. With big screen and resolution of 800x600 and 512ram, backing a whopping 30gig HDD and 1 ghz cpu, there is nothing much more you'd ask from a machine. And! It is small, fits to your pocket and has a very cool sliding keyboard, it is bound to raise your status among nerds.
  • Could you get linux on it? That would be cool.
  • Well, the OQO 1+ is basically a really small laptop, so I don't see any reason why you couldn't get linux to run in it, but the main question is, how much work are you willing to do, and are you willing to sacrifise hardware that costs around $2000 not knowing if it will work. But that machine with Mac OS would rock so very much yes thank you please.
  • If you put Gentoo linux on there, it would handle like Mac OS (sort of). And yes, I would risk it. I dislike windows that much.
  • But do you like me? If you like me, I kinda like windows, then you in a way like windows too :D
  • Kosmo - i dont think you were around back then but i brought that sexy little bitch up ages ago. Or rather, i'd remembered seeing the beta version years back and had forgotten its name so i needed a hand finding it. It is pretty tasty though, huh?
  • It is pretty tasty though, huh?

    Fo sho!
  • I've always like LG phones. Hate, hate, hate Nokias (at least the shitty models we have in the US). And all the Motorollas I've ever used sucked. LG all the least until the US gets some half way decent phone technology.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Well, I'm looking for 98% pocket pc 2% phone, because afterall, anything a phone can usually do, a pc can easily emulate or do it better.
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