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Does anyone here use Skype?


  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I have it, but rarely use it. Only when there's work involved or something needs to be communicated directly, otherwise I'm using teamspeak for games more than I use skype.
  • Have it, use it, Skype ID davidcollantes. It works, it is nice. Using more Google Talk lately...
  • Never used Skype. I have used Google Talk, works pretty good I might add. Super simple, even for non-advanced users, and sounds great.

    Other than that Im a Ventrilo kinda guy. I hate Teamspeak, but Im also a Windows only user.
  • I have it, use it for Skype in, voicemail, IM. Very good, and more reliable for me that it seems for a lot of people.
  • tried it yesterday for the first time, seemed easy enough but as my laptop is hooked up to my hifi it's a bit weird hearing your mate coming out over huge speakers :-?
  • i bet it was a bit wierd hearing your mate coming out huh? Did you see it coming?
  • have it, use it. fantastic program. google talk can kiss my ass as far as im concerned
  • Have you used Google Talk?
  • I have used google talk, but IMO it is the same as the talk feature on iChat (AIM) or MSN.

    Skype was one of the original VoIP services, and I use it often. It is really handy for FREE overseas conversation. Google talk still doesn't have the features that Skype can offer.

    Google has not re-invented the wheel. They have just made Jabber popular again.
  • Yeah, Jabber.

    Never had a use for voice other than something like Ventrilo. I was under the impression Skype cost $$$?
  • Only if you want a phone number attached to your account and other extras like that. They do have free plans.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    skype is free, the only costs incurred are if you decide to make a skype to fixed number call, otherwise you can call all of your other friends who already have and are using skype. The only thing I dislike is the style which is used for text chat. It seems rather lacking in that area but otherwise it's an alright program.
  • Krak: yes i have used it and its fine. its just a lightweight version of skype imo so why would i want to downgrade myself :x

    lech: im sure you have already but have you tried using the irc style chat?

    just an extra fact that some of ye might not know already but you can actually get phones now for skype. an actual phone that you plug into your pooter (via usb i think) and it works just like a normal phone.

    heres the cordless one that you can get
  • I haven't used SKYPE, but I have used Google Talk with some of my friends, and Ventrilo when we play (teehee). Besides, I don't have anyone so far away I could call that I REALLY needed something like SKYPE.
  • yeah nag. Shame that phone is £85 or i'd probably get one. Its also a shame you cant transfer existing landline numbers over to skype.
    And its also a shame your pc needs to be on (though its very rare mine isnt..but it could get a little frustrating)
    Perhaps i should knock up a 400mhz/128meg nix box to serve voip for me...or just find a different provider and stick asterix on my dedi..but then i'd have to pay for calls =\

    What i *really* need is to be able to plug the phone into the usb port of my router.
  • edited September 2005
    Skype works perfectly. I also have Skype In, by the way, (321) 285-7363 and Skype Out (dialing to regular phone numbers, not only Skype users). A voicemail and caller ID is also part of the plan.

    I bought a USB phone which I use for Skype and Google Talk, just like a regular phone.

    Skype got some accesories too (USB phones included)
  • *Pranks david then realises he doesnt have a microphone... :(

    Thats pretty neat though. Maybe i'll nick one of the headsets from work...
  • Hehehe, so it was you mini? I wonder now if my USB phone will start ringing off the hook... hmm...
  • You didnt know it was me?
    So you just started rambling to any old person who called you up?
  • Yeah, what can I do? I am just that easy. :-)
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    nag, yeah, im familiar with all the options, it just looks a bit crude to me and it's not that pretty. Overall basic. Call me picky, but I just don't like the way it renders things. To be brutaly honest, the mac version looks 100x nicer than any other :/

    I would like to find a beefy pocket PC device with wifi capabilities to throw skype on and just carry with me. Plug in one of those nifty cellphone headset/mics and it's golden.
    edited September 2005
    i do agree but i prefer the irc style chat for skype purposes. it still is pretty shit tbh but i dont really care seen as how i dont use it as an IM client, just for VoIP

    but on another note i use TS a lot more than skype seen as how i play so much UT and have so many mates who i play with online. and, in fact, im actually on it atm ^^ TS server query [/blatent pimpage]
  • Hmm, so Skype is just VoIP with some downsides... Why not just use Vonage? Computer doesnt have to be on, and it sounds like its the same deal. Never tried Skype, dont really have a reason to.

    I used Google Talk when I was trying to get my brother on voice for gaming. He cant be bothered to do anything other than about 3 clicks to get something to work. Ventrilo/Teamspeak was out of the question, GTalk was a one click thing. Worked perfectly, and he uses it without getting pissed off or uninterested.

    Yeah, hes a punk.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    nag so true, however skype isn't exactly optimized for gamers since it does use a bit more bandwidth and you can only have 5 people conference in at once.

    krak, im sure once they have a solid hardware system down to back it, it can't be too far off. I've heard some crazy horror stories from people who've used vonage. Honestly though I see voip hardware rather pointless all together if you have cheap phone and dsl bundled. because after all, if you have both, why switch everything to one system. Then when you lose your internet connection for whatever reason say on cable, you're totally fucked.
  • lech: which is why im on TS \o/
  • Thats exactly my point when I talk to people about it. My parents have Vonage and have a few issues with it. It drops on occassion or something. And no 911 (well there is but its not 100%), power goes out so does the phone. Cable goes down, so does the phone...

    I use my cell.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    nag, your ts server is passworded last time i checked :P
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