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Foreign characters and Friendly URLs problem

edited June 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I am using the Friendly URLs extension and I noticed the following problem. In Romanian language we use two special characters (among others): - Ș (s comma below: Ș and ș ) - Èš (t comma below: Ț and ț ) Let's say the name of a forum discussion is "DiscuÈ›ii". The resulting "friendly URL" should be something like: www.your-website/vanilla/discussion/12/discutii (the "È›" must be replaced with "t"). However in Vanilla the URL becomes: www.your-website/vanilla/discussion/12/discuii (notice the missing "t"). Same thing happens with "Ș": instead of being converted to "S", it disappears. Any idea how to fix this problem? PS: I set UTF-8 everywhere I could find encoding settings for Vanilla and the database. Other accented characters are converted properly.


  • TudorTudor
    edited June 2009
    Nevermind, I fixed the issue by adding the missing characters in the CleanupString function (found in FrameworkFunctions.php file).
  • Salut Tudor,

    Is your hack valid for Vanilla 2? I can't seem to find the file/function you've specified.
  • I'm interested in this as well. And no, that function doesn't seem to be present in Vanilla 2.

    /p.s. şi totuşi dacă mai sunt români, a încercat cineva să localizeze versiunea a 2-a? ;)
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