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No plugins?

edited February 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
Just wondering why there is a lack of plugins being created for Vanilla 2? I haven't been on here in a while, but I would have thought more would have been created by now?


  • I assume this is the reason why.
  • Yeah or it might be because Vanilla 2 hasn't been released. The vanilla hype has died off, a release and then advertisement needs to be done. Finalize the naming so people can start forming companies around vanilla like for wordpress. Finish documentation. More requests for specific plugins may help. The code base is also continuously changing which makes it hard to pinpoint what exactly needs to be done. A more active/larger community would pull in developers. I like writing plugins for vanilla 2 however its not currently time well spent, as there is no money to be made or people to download them. I wrote the first third-party vanilla 2 addon, WhosOnline, it has had 916 downloads and its been a long time (the first comment was in August 2009).

    Take your pick :)
  • I just made a quick CKEditor plugin for Vanilla 2, though even then it required a code modification or two to Vanilla/Garden. What can I say, it's still in flux-- which is a good thing. And really, Vanilla hype? It's been around (and relatively tiny) since at least 200-what, 3? Let things grow at their own pace.
  • Back in the day, when i was writing vanilla 1 plugins with jazzman there was a lot of activity on the forums and talk about vanilla.
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