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Vanilla Ocean

This discussion is related to the Vanilla Ocean addon.
edited October 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help


  • The icons in the menu doesn't show up.
  • A few minor improvements to the Tabled Theme Style Ocean.


    Change line 380 from: background: url('tableheader.png') repeat-x 0 0;to: background: #b4de18 url('tableheader.png') repeat 0 0;
    Change line 390 from: background-color: #ffeec5;to: background-color: #fff7e3;
    Change line 493 from: background-color: #ffeec5;to: background-color: #fff7e3;
    Oh, and you'll want to replace tableheader.png with this one.

    The first and the last point fix the table header from looking crap when you are on a narrow screen and the two middle points make the alternate comments/discussions background paler so it's not so I'm-a-different-colour-look-at-meeeeeeeeeee :)

    Great style Jazzman, even if you don't like the "alternate" colour chage, perhaps you could implement the other two changes in the official style? :)
  • Wish I could get this style to work.

    On my site -

    the title logo (see url below) should show up at the top, but does not show -

  • Are you sure you have a div in your code which will produce the title img?
  • #Header {
    position: relative;
    background: url('panel.png') no-repeat 0 0;
    height: 100px;
    #Header * {
    #Header #Logo {
    height: 100px;
    background: url('title.jpg') no-repeat right center;
    #Header #Logo h1 {
    display: none;
    #Header ul {
    position: absolute;
    top: 50px;
    left: 230px;
    z-index: 1000;

    the title.jpg is the pic that does not show
  • sorry, I am unclear when you refer to the div aspect
  • Sorry for my poor wording. You got what I was asking. I have that same code and it seems to work for me. Did you do a hard refresh to clear the cache?
  • Jim, thanks for th epost.

    No, I still cannot see the logo image i.e.

    when i am on my website

    Do you see it?
  • I did find that if you remove the "#Logo" from the css where the title image is, the image will be displayed. However, you then seem to loose the Vanilla panel image. The #Logo indicates a div id like the Header. I looked through the theme files and did not find a reference to it.

    Edit: The ultimate solution is to add the div Logo to the menu.php file as below after the div Header:
    echo '<div id="Header"><div id="Logo"></div> <a name="pgtop"></a>

    This will then show both images.
  • thanks Jim. I found a few menu.php files.....amended the two ones I thought were most likely........but nope, still no change. :(

    There is something fundamentlly skewed in this style, I suspect. Other icons aren't showing either along the top, like they should.

    It's maybe linked to the new versions of vanilla. I do recall the style working fine when I tried it in 2006.
  • Jim's right about the logo div missing... One alternitive that I just tried (and worked) was to change the CSS line that reads #Header #Logo { to #Header h1 {.
  • @Wallphone: I tried that and it wiped out the other image display on the left.
  • Yah, I got that too... when I tried #Header the panel image disappeared, like you noted, but if you do #Header h1 everything seems to fall in to place.
  • great stuff! Now shows the image. Thank you both!

    Tho i do note that the other little icons (to the left of the logo) still don't show.

    Jazzman's thumbnail for this add-on shows:

    But those little icons are not up there. I saw somebody else above who has had these same problems as me.
  • It looks like the menu.php file in the theme is missing--or is missing the customization needed to work properly.

    Open up themes/tabled/menu.php... if its not there, copy the one from themes/menu.php into this folder and edit it.

    There should be something like this inside:<a href="'.$Tab['Url'].'" '.$Tab['Attributes'].'>'.$Tab['Text'].'</a></li>';
    Change it like so:<a href="'.$Tab['Url'].'" '.$Tab['Attributes'].' id="'. $Tab['Value'] .'">'.$Tab['Text'].'</a></li>';
  • That works. Thanks. Now I just need to find a way to make the CategoryIcons work with tables.
  • thanks Jim and WallPhone for the great guidance.

    I have tempoararily turned on my old theme - because a friend couldn't get signed up. When I went to look today at the vanilla ocean theme's registration page, it was a mess. I had to switch back to my old theme to allow my friend to register later today

    When I used Jazz's vanilla ocean theme last year it worked beautifully......unsure of what has happened in the meantime (I assume the new vanilla version has upset things).
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    It looks like this theme/style became a victim of updates and probably isn't 100% compatible with changes in the most recent release. Someone should nag jazzman to bump it up in his spare time.
  • I agree, Lech. I hope Jazzman gives it a lookover, if he has some time.
  • Give me a few days, I think I can crank the fixes out. Any1 have that preview png I can use for a ref?
  • Fixed the Icons issue... Had to add a ID to the header ul loop in menu.php

    Changed this:
    [code]echo 'TabClass($this->CurrentTab, $Tab['Value']).'>[code]

    To this:
    [code]echo 'TabClass($this->CurrentTab, $Tab['Value']).' id="Menu'.$Tab['Text'].'">[code]

    Then changed in the vanilla.css of Ocean the corresponding #Discussions to #MenuDiscussions.... etc..

    I did a few other changes, so might be more to do to get it to work (like moving the padding from the li to the UL) - Check it out SO far.... still working on fixing it up. It's most likely going to become a theme on it's own, instead of just a style, to accommodate the old features it had, with the new...

    I'm sure it can be done with all new and as just a style, but it'll be easier first to hack it together, then clean it up.

    BTW, the website is still a work in progress..... so pardon it's appearance!
  • Omarvelous, try using <code></code> instead of the BBCde tags and set your comment to be formatted as HTML, then you'll find that it works ;)

    Anyone had feel like bundling all the changes up for this and getting an updated release on this?
  • lech, what other changes (than mentioned by mini and mervelous) need to be made for Vanilla 1.1.2? I've got this running on my Vanilla test forum right now and it seems to work just fine. I have included the two changes (to the tabled THEME) mentioned above, so what's missing?
  • Hi Guys,

    I need some help configuring this theme. The images above the header come up in firefox but it does not show up in Internet Explorer. I just tried some tips and tricks posted here.

    Any Help on fixing the header issue would be great. You can look at what exactly i am talking at my forum
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