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This discussion is related to the Organic addon.


  • fysicsluvr said:
    @sjeeps are all your themes relatively the same structure? Because you should package them all together as one theme with different styles.
    No they're not. Take a look at Blogger, I really can't take it's style and make it work with Organic.

    I may consider making discussions with new comments a different color....
  • This theme is amazing... but it has some problems with IE6:

    1. The separation between comments is very big.
    2. The author photo's are not showed in the header of comments
    3. On the main page, the margin of comments listed is different of the name of Category
    4. The corner rounded on top of main page has not the same width that the entire page

    But this theme works fine with IE7, FF2.0.x and Opera 9.25

    Thank you sjeeps!
  • @argie
    Unfortunately I don't develop and design Vanilla's themes for IE6 anymore but I'll be glad to help you do some css tweaks so it looks good in IE6.
  • Thank you sjeeps.
    Unfortunately, 53% of my visitors still are using IE6 :)
    Now, I need some help to fix the points 3 and 4 of my list above. I'm working on it, but until now I can't find a solution. There are an indent for the comments listed in the main page, but when I pass the pointer over an item of the menu the indent dissapears... It's very strange...
    Of course, this problem only happens with IE6. I've tried by using the IE7 script, but it doesn't works :(
    So, I appreciate your help, a lot.

    Thank you!
  • Ok, now I now the problem is the definition of #content: there are problem with the padding and margin definition. I tried modifying the porcentuals, and also playing with "width" and "display=block", but I can't found a solution...
  • This is an awesome theme. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm planning on using it for a medium scale project, but there's a bug I'd appreciate help in ironing out:

    Basically it's on user profile pages. If users display photos and add custom fields, their profile flows over the profile box (see image below for example).


    Is there anyway the box can be extended in length so that it automatically fits whatever content the user has entered into his/her profile?

    All help will be most appreciated indeed.

    Thank you.
  • Unfortunately the pc where I do all my work is broken and I can't do much at work but try to add this code:

    #AccountPage #Wrapper #Content { height: 100% min-height: 400px; /* you can set the length to anything you want*/
  • Dont know if this is possible but, is there any way to change the "" at the bottom of the pages to make it say the actual sites URL. I'm not the greatest when it comes to PHP and I have yet to find where I can change this. Thank you.
  • Look for this line in foot.php:

    // END LEFT, CONTENT, WRAPPER & STRATR FOOTER echo '<div id="Footer"> <p>&copy; All rights reserved.&nbsp;Theme by <a href="">Vent Swap</a></p>
  • when i post a paragraph in a comment it only shows as a line space, only on this theme do you know why?

  • It's great, but can we expect new comments a different color sooner then later? :)
  • # sjeeps-

    I love this theme.

    have you ported it to Wordpress at all?

    I am going to combine Vanilla with Wordpress and use it with my weight management website

    Do you do custom themes at all?


  • the top left hand banner's text is off slightly when using 2 words.
    Free Image Hosting at

  • Version number changed from 1.1 to 1.2.
  • Uploaded version 1.2 of Organic.
  • I want change to orange, can I change your source for color?
  • Hi sjeeps - GREAT theme! Any possiblity of getting this same (or similar) theme in BLUE? Love how it's layed out, etc. - but website's colors are Blue, and would like to keep the same "theme" of colors if possible. Maybe tell me how to change that? Thanks sjeeps! Keep up the great work! - Lee
  • Can anyone tell me how to replace the site title with an image? Thanks!
  • Every time someone signs in, they are directed to an URL which contains an extra set of "://". Our forum is at and everytime someone signs in, they are redirected to http://:// . Notice the extra set of "://" after "http://"? Any idea how to correct this please??
  • @jasonnoguchi
    Deleting this file: people_signout_form_validpostback.php in Organic theme should take care of that problem.
  • wow. This is beautiful!

  • Can I change the green on the theme to brown? I love this theme, but I can't find one that has a brown background to match my website page, as well as my blog page. Thanks for making it so easy to download.
  • Sure you can, from the css file you can change just about anything.
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