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Replies Not Indenting

This discussion is related to the ReplyTo addon.
edited November 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I'm not seeing the replies indent on Vanilla 2.0.14 with ReplyTo 1.6. I also have voting enabled on the forum which could be adding to the problem.


  • judgejjudgej
    edited November 2010
    Have you added the patch to the theme, as detailed in the readme.txt file? There are some things that the plugin cannot apply without some help. It is just a single line of code to be added to the theme that gives the plugin access to the CSS class(es) of each comment.
  • My mistake, I added the line and all worked. Not sure how I missed that.
  • No problem. A readme.txt file is like a wardrobe construction sheet from Ikea - to be ignored completely, until you get *really* desperate ;-)
  • Great plugin. Thanks. But there's an error in the readme.txt file. It says to insert this line of code: "Sender->CssClassComment =& $CssClass;" but it should be "$Sender->CssClassComment =& $CssClass;" which has a "$" at the beginning. Once I made that change everything worked!
  • Good catch - thanks - there was a dollar missing from the instructions. That will be corrected in the next release.
  • No problem. A readme.txt file is like a wardrobe construction sheet from Ikea - to be ignored completely, until you get *really* desperate ;-)
    I feel that change should be mentioned in the plugin description

    BTW I think the file that is cloned into the theme changed in V2.0.15

  • judgejjudgej
    edited November 2010
    I've added a note on the main plugin description.

    It does say on this site that the readme.txt file may contain vital information for installation and upgrading, but that is easy to miss. In fact, it is so easy to miss, I cannot even find that note any more. I think it was on the Addons introduction page, or a quick-start page.
  • Isn't there any way in which one can achieve this without touching the Vanilla core?

  • You could add it to plugin 'description' field, I think. Or maybe there is some way to show some kind of information box there on enabling it...
  • Wait, no ... I was referring to the actual indentation, if it can be done without modifying the Vanilla core.

  • judgejjudgej
    edited November 2010
    The modification is in the theme - you don't need to touch the core. You may need to copy a core template into your theme, if the theme does not already have it.
  • Yes, you were right. Thanks, a great plugin!
  • ok here we are in 2013 - does this plug still work? this read me asks to do things that are not there anymore - or am I missing something?

    can't find = BeforeCommentDisplay


    • This is done in applications/vanilla/views/discussion/helper_functions.php +
    • Look around like 26 for the 'BeforeCommentDisplay' event call, that should look like this: +
    • +
    • $Sender->FireEvent('BeforeCommentDisplay'); +
    • +
    • Add the following line just before it, allowing the event handler to change the CSS class of +
    • the coment: +
    • +
    • $Sender->CssClassComment =& $CssClass;
  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    @UnderDog, could you Split this?

    @dealtek I could not get this plugin working completely either. It does update the sort order, and you are able to post comments in a tree fashion, but the css classes used for indenting aren't showing up.

    The good news is that this should be able to get working as the default theme in passes the class as an event argument for 'BeforeCommentDisplay'. Since this is such a popular addon, maybe @judgej could weigh in?

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    Make sure you're looking at


    and not


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