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[HOW TO] Change Thumbnail Size

revaxartsrevaxarts New
edited July 2011 in Feedback
I needed a bigger thumbnail for my theme but I always got the 50px width.

I did the following modifications on the application/dashboard/views/profile/thumbnail.php (I actually copied that file in my theme folder)

add this at the top of the file
<?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit();

$this->ThumbSize = C('Garden.Thumbnail.Width');
$this->Form->AddHidden('w', $this->ThumbSize);
$this->Form->AddHidden('h', $this->ThumbSize);
$this->Form->AddHidden('ThumbSize', $this->ThumbSize);
and add this line in your config.php file
$Configuration['Garden']['Thumbnail']['Width'] = 90;
Any suggestions?


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