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[ProxyConnect] Compatibility issues

This discussion is related to the Vanilla Proxyconnect addon.


  • Great!. Will get back to you soon.
  • This is working for me now - I'd had lots of issues before, but 1.6 and 3.02 seem to have solved them. I appreciate the way you've simplified the system, Tim. I'm also glad that this is getting your attention now with frequent fixes - this feature is one of the primary reasons I'm assessing Vanilla for my site.

    Regarding the Edit My Account and Change Password options, I'd like to strongly vote for option 2. I'm using Vanilla with a custom website, not WP, and I want to be sure our users are not confused about their email and password existing in two locations. Since authentication is cookie based and we're not sharing passwords, there's no actual changeable password for them in Vanilla, and it would be best to keep the email the same on both databases.

    Ideally if they clicked on either of these links they'd go to the corresponding locations in the account page we've created for them. Adding a few more optional fields to the ProxyConnect page would be the simplest solution and I don't think it would overly clutter the page. Perhaps if they were in an box to show that they were optional?

  • ditto for what madel says. i like how i currently i can add a "sign up" link to proxy connect, and now when a user clicks on "sign up" in vanilla, it gets sent to my sign up page.

    having that analogy exists for when a user clicks "change my password/email" would be quite complementary to this.
  • sottwellsottwell New
    edited August 2010
    I'm having difficulty understanding how this works. What's the difference between "password" and "proxy"? (version 1.0.6 on Vanilla 1.0.3). How can I create a single page for user data? What if I have a dozen logged-in users wanting to go to the forums? At what point do I create this page? On user login? The page the link to the forums points to has the code to create the user data page, then redirects to the forum?
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    @sottwell Please confirm that you're using Vanilla 1.0.3... This plugin is compatible only with Vanilla 2+

    Vanilla Forums Senior Developer [GitHub, Twitter,]

  • I'm sorry... that's version 2.0.3.
  • @tim I am migrating a forum from bbPress to Vanilla 2.10.18b2.
    I´m using embed vanilla + proxy connect.
    I have imported all users and discussions from bbPress with some hacks (user table wp_users -> bb_users + assign roles to imported users) and everything rocks now(except logout problems). I use "Proxy" and the existing users have accounts in both WP and Vanilla(imported users). Is there some way to skip the step where Vanilla asks for link accounts? The members already have accounts and don't want to put in the password again + they get confused about the choice 'New account' or 'Link account'
    I would like to thank the Vanilla team for a great piece of software and awesome WP integration.
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Would have been better not to import them so that they could be auto generated by ProxyConnect. Now you are stuck with the link screen.

    Vanilla Forums Senior Developer [GitHub, Twitter,]

  • Tim,
    Does ProxyConnect work with Vanilla I have been trying to setup it up but I get an error message when I click on Settings from the plugin list.

    Your help is appreciated. Does this look like a permissions issue?

    This is the ERROR MESSAGE:

    FATAL ERROR IN: Gdn_PluginManager.xAvailablePluginFolders();
    "The "Gdn_PluginManager" object does not have a "xAvailablePluginFolders" method." LOCATION: C:\wwwroot\\SubDomains\forum\library\core\class.pluggable.php > 163: // Make sure that $ActualMethodName exists before continuing: > 164: if (!method_exists($this, $ActualMethodName)) { > 165: // Make sure that a plugin is not handling the call > 166: if (!Gdn::PluginManager()->HasNewMethod($this->ClassName, $ReferenceMethodName)) >>> 167: trigger_error(ErrorMessage('The "' . $this->ClassName . '" object does not have a "' . $ActualMethodName . '" method.', $this->ClassName, $ActualMethodName), E_USER_ERROR); > 168: } > 169: > 170: // Make sure the arguments get passed in the same way whether firing a custom event or a magic one. > 171: $this->EventArguments = $Arguments; BACKTRACE: [C:\wwwroot\\SubDomains\forum\library\core\class.pluggable.php] PHP::Gdn_ErrorHandler(); [C:\wwwroot\\SubDomains\forum\library\core\class.pluggable.php 167] PHP::trigger_error(); [C:\wwwroot\\SubDomains\forum\library\core\class.pluggable.php 167] Gdn_Pluggable->__call(); [C:\wwwroot\\SubDomains\forum\plugins\ProxyConnect\class.proxyconnect.plugin.php 58] Gdn_PluginManager->AvailablePluginFolders(); [C:\wwwroot\\SubDomains\forum\library\core\class.pluginmanager.php 432] ProxyConnectPlugin->SettingsController_ProxyConnect_Create(); [C:\wwwroot\\SubDomains\forum\library\core\class.dispatcher.php 290] Gdn_PluginManager->CallNewMethod(); [C:\wwwroot\\SubDomains\forum\index.php 38] Gdn_Dispatcher->Dispatch();

  • edited July 2011
    I switched over to ProxyConnect 1.8.4 and it worked perfectly with Vanilla
    Fantastic. You guy have developed a great forum app.

    I hope this is helpful to someone else.

    Much thanks
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