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PRO Version: How's the color picking work for different roles?

This discussion is related to the Who’s Online addon.
edited February 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Hi, I tried changing the colors for different roles in

But all it did was open up the color picker -- after I chose my color, nothing happened, the color picker didn't close. I had to click elsewhere on the page to get it to close, and it didn't save my colors or anything.



  • I have this problem too. Nothing happens and no colors are chosen.

  • So I'm guessing the author is no longer supporting this then??

  • Sorry to both of you, I have been busy with my full time job and other side projects and forgot about this completely. I understand that this is no excuse. I am writing you both a personal message now, so hopefully we can get this sorted out.

  • Gary, thanks for following up. ;)

  • Emailed you back 4 or so days ago with no reply?

  • After sending you a message the same time as eric, I have not recieved any replies from you. Please can you resend.

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