422 finally launched, with Vanilla Integration

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Hi guys, been 2.5 years in the making. We are now public, and I wondered if any of you guys were interested you could check the site out, forum integration and SSO.

Anyway, rather than harp on:

site: http://422.com.au/

forums: http://422.com.au/forums/

If you would like to test the forums out, and some of our implementations, you would need to register. I havent set up test accounts as the site is now live.

All the best and thankyou Vanilla, and all the developers who have helped us.



  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator

    Oh, that site looks awesome man!
    Can you tell a little more about how you made it? Custom CMS on the frontend and integration with SSO for Vanilla? Custom Template (of course!) How did you make the real estate part?

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    Mate, get those fish and chips!

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    To answer @Underdog, thanks for the reply mate. After nearly 3 years its nice to get a comment at least, I reckon it deserves it. But each to their own lol. Appreciate your comments :)

    No custom CMS, totally custom build from ground up. Totally dynamic. No CMS, No Wormpress or Droopal lol

    My son is a our php coder, and he is very talented. My soon to be son in law is a MySQL database builder/analyst.

    Its a real long story, starting from Wireframes I built using Balsamiq. I roughed every single page of the website, 3 years ago, before even opening a browser window / Sublime or anything.

    We went with Zurb for 5 page template design ( Not cheap I might add ) but well worth it, as they are absolute whizzkids. Today, approx 20% of their code is built into our system, as it was more a starting point than a endpoint to the final code/layout.

    There is approx 3-5 million lines of code running the site, much of it you do not notice/see unless logged in. But hey ho, those that are nosey will see what I mean ;)

    It is technically V.1 release, as we expect to roll out a continued development stream for it, and expanding to other country domains in our portfolio one / year.

    The code, is built ( not with MVC ) as I just dont particularly like frameworks, but our own framework. Well the one my son Kyle, has implemented. I basically work within that remit, he does 99% of the php, and I handle 99% of the design and layout, features and implementation using ajax/json etc we use Kyle or coders we know very well, and some who are very very well known have had a hand in helping us ;)

    The data, is actually throttled at the moment whilst we do some server balancing, because we expect ( hopefully ) once we open the tap, flow will be ridiculous, so we need to be able to cope. But in essence we stream live xml data from a variety of sources, which propagates our db's and we manipulate that data and puke it out in the way you see.

    The data is pulled in sing our own Push system, which is API'd to many 3rd partie aggregators within the industry

    Integrating forums, was a pain in the ass, but once we figured that we needed to force vanilla to listen to us, the SSO fell into line. The actual theme is custom, but with only 4 plugins I think, there is though a lot of hard coded stuff thrown in, which had we had the input we could have coped using plugins I guess, but a lot of what is done, is fired using jquery and pure css.

    We have had 2 people working fulltime on the project for 2.5 years , 2 joined 1 year in, and another works semi permanent since 3rd Q 2012.

    The real estate part, not sure which bit lol. As its a real estate website ;) but, a shit load of work, and over 3 months working thru user logic. A lot of people we know, dont even explore User Logic, when workign on developments/designs, but I am kinda anal about it, after seeing how Zurb approach iterations and methodology, setting good practice and workflow, and of course working on the UI UX, is a absolute pre req.

    We realise we have a long way to go, but well now we are open, and can concentrate on the next phase.

    All good.

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    grep is your friend.

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    It looks great!

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  • @422 said:
    Pies are very big in oz lol

    As big as the foil tray ;)

    grep is your friend.

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    @422 Just on a quick note my forum name is Alex, plug while @peregrine is wanting his website and could do it. Except as you say your son is a your PHP coder I would be extremely proud! How old is he?

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    @422 said:
    fish and chips ? lol

    Another story for another time us Kiwis joke!

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    He is 22 Alex, I thought it was fush n chups bro ;)

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    @422 said:
    He is 22 Alex, I thought it was fush n chups bro ;)

    I'm 22 to... "Luke I am your father" "Noooooo"

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    @422 said:
    He is 22 Alex, I thought it was fush n chups bro ;)


  • great site @422 !

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