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Pagination on bookmarks page?

Hi gang,

Having an issue wherein the "My Bookmarks" page never produces page numbers, even when a user has bookmarked vastly more threads than can be shown on one page. Using a fresh copy of version Version Is this a known issue? Is there an easy fix I should implement? Thanks much!



  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator

    Please prepare to make a bug report on github, if someone can confirm the bug please :-)

  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    I can confirm that bookmarks do not paginate on on a local install. My discussions also does not paginate. My Drafts does paginate.

    Steps to recreate:

    1. Install
    2. Import test forum data (subset of my live forum data which has ~50 discussions started by me)
    3. Set conf Vanilla.Discussions.PerPage to 10
    4. Bookmark 11 discussions
    5. Create 11 drafts
    6. Visit /discussions/bookmarked and observe lack of pager
    7. Visit /discussions/bookmarked/p2 and observe proper pagination (but still no pager shown
    8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for /discussions/mine

    Other thoughts

    • This is does not occur in 2.1b1.
    • It appears that the views bookmarked and mine aren't even used by the discussions controller.

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  • This is a bug in class.discussionscontroller.php. Find function Bookmarked and replace this line:

    $CountDiscussions = $DiscussionModel->GetCount($Wheres);


    $CountDiscussions = $DiscussionModel->UserBookmarkCount($Session->UserID);

    ...and your pager is fixed.

  • Many thanks to both of you! @hgtonight, did you already submit that on github?

  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator

    @PIXELovely said:
    did you already submit that on github?

    Check, check, doublecheck

  • edited July 2013

    @50sQuiff Tried your solution out, having a few problems...

    I located the line $CountDiscussions = $DiscussionModel->GetCount($Wheres); in applications/vanilla/controllers/class.categoriescontroller.php. It was not in function Bookmarked. I tried replacing it regardless, but it does not seem to have done anything.

    Running a search for "function Bookmarked" on the whole of vanilla, I found one instance of it in applications/conversations/controllers/class.messagescontroller.php, but all it had in it were these lines:

    $this->View = 'All';
    $this->All($Offset, $Limit, TRUE);

    And the entire function was commented out.

    Thanks for submitting the bug report, @UnderDog! Does anyone else have suggestions for a quick fix for the meanwhile? My users are asking to see all their bookmarks.

  • 50sQuiff50sQuiff ✭✭
    edited July 2013
        * Display discussions the user has bookmarked.
        * @since 2.0.0
        * @access public
        * @param int $Offset Number of discussions to skip.
       public function Bookmarked($Page = 'p1') {


  • Aha!! For whatever reason searching for function Bookmarked didn't find it, but searching for those comments did. No idea. Thanks so much for the clue. This worked beautifully.

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