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[Tutorial] How to change the order of modules and menu items

vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
edited October 2013 in Tutorials

To change the sort order of Modules like the who's online or categories etc. By adding the module or changing where it is

You would add these lines to your config.php

**Organizing Module Sort Order**
You can organize the order that modules appear in assets by manipulating the Modules collection of the Configuration array. Take a look at conf/config-defaults.php to see the default sort order of core-packaged modules:
// Modules
$Configuration['Modules']['Vanilla']['Panel'] = array('NewDiscussionModule', 'GuestModule', 'Ads');
$Configuration['Modules']['Vanilla']['Content'] = array('Gdn_MessageModule', 'Notices', 'Content', 'Ads');
$Configuration['Modules']['Garden']['Content'] = array('Gdn_MessageModule', 'Notices', 'Content', 'Ads');
$Configuration['Modules']['Conversations']['Content'] = array('Gdn_MessageModule', 'Notices', 'Content', 'Ads');

To Sort the menu Items you would need to add the line below to the config.php however keep in mind that some plugins may also be sorting the menu items or modules and you would need to adjust them too.

$Configuration['Garden']['Menu']['Sort'] = array('NewDiscussion','User','Dashboard','Privacy', etc.....);

Thanks to peregrine for handing me this resource :)



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