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Starting a technical forum - Near to landing on a Vanilla - Advice

Hi There,

I am in need of setting up a forum for technical, code and and hardware development forum. I have narrowed down between using vanilla and phpbb3. I personally much prefer the look, feel and features, ease of use of vanilla, though phpbb3 has a much great user base. For these reason alone I am prone to go with vanilla.

But, I wanted to see if I could get some feedback about more specific usage in the context of code and hardware development and how well vanilla will do in this context.

1) code tags. We will be needing to post large of amount of code in snippets. Are there specific code tag funcitons, is this an add-on? Are there any recommendations on setting up vanilla specifically for this use?

2) image uploads, pasting images, etc. We will be needing to easily post image snippets. What features are most used for this? Is there a simple copy past feature that would allow users to take a screenshot and paste it into thread? I see that this editor only has "image url" as an option to insert a picture. Are there more options?

3) attaching files. We will be needing to attach and upload project files.

4) Other? Do you have other suggestions for optimally setting up Vanilla for such usage as described?

Any further sell points that bring up relative to vanilla's strengths relative to phpbb?

Thanks for you guidance.


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