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Any Tab based browser that fits on a USB KEY and doesnt require install?

sprockettsprockett New
edited February 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi, in school, the computer lab sucks, coz it only has IE, and my efficiency takes a big hit without the ability to have tabbed browsing.

I can't install FF or opera coz of network policy.

Is there any tabbed based BROWSER that i can put on a USB key and run off of it?

Doesnt need to have any big featureset, but at leats must have tabbed browsing...



  • the IE7 beta is publicly available now...

    something to look into
  • I just posted here. Didnt i?
    Basically what i said was - portable ff i've heard good things about but it still depends on your program running policies.
    How people survive without tabbed browsing i have absolutely no idea.
  • IE7 can be put on a thumb drive?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I know that firefox can, Altho it's a slight pain to do so. Hopefully that little thumb drive has at least 64mb of space.
  • well you don't really need to install FF, when I format my machine I just save the folder and put it back and it works fine.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    that's not exactly the best way to do a restoration of any program :)
  • you haven't lived until you've used a non real installed firefox, intense!

    it worked fine, I'm sure the firefox guys are smart enough to put registry keys and whatever where they need to be if the program is run and doesn't see them there.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Oh they are, it's just that typically when reinstalling FireFox i'll pluck my settings from the old one and import them into the new one instead of doing the entire drag and drop like you've done :) saves future headaches :)
  • thats the way firebird used to be, it was just a zip of a folder, ran from anywhere, no installation
  • edited January 2006
    the IE7 beta is publicly available now...

    something to look into
    Holy crap. How many of you have used this? It looks better than Firefox and its much cleaner. Plus you get a lot more screen real-estate. And its just fast fast fast.

    Wow, I think MS outdid MS with this beta version of IE 7.
  • Opera. It can be installed on < 25MB of space.
  • So much hate fo IE7 right now.... completely unintuitive so far.

    Mind, this is after about five minutes of use.
  • awesome repsosne guys.. i'll check both out.

    My thumbdrive has 512mb so no probs there.
  • awesome repsosne guys.. i'll check both out.

    My thumbdrive has 512mb so no probs there.
  • Install a small Linux package on the drive and boot the machine from it :D

    Then you can have all you want.
  • Assuming the machine supports usb booting, or has an unlocked BIOS.

    I, personally, would never set up a public-use terminal with either.
  • We had usb booting machines at our school, so we made a small Linux installation on few usb memories and booted the machines from there and had our own configurations and such, but that was because the public machines were just full of crap and viruses and shit so they didn't even work correctly when you booted it in to windows.
  • I can't install IE7. I haven't authorised Windows. I've lost my Product Key and there's no way I'm paying for a new one.
  • Yesterday I reformatted and installed my WinXP, and when I proceeded to install DirectX 9c it wanted to check the autheticity of my Winnie, well ofcourse I didn't let it since my winnie is pirated *evil laughter*

    I didn't buy Winnie since I like to get my Winnies when I buy my comp, sadly, my current machine is DIY so I didn't get any software with it.

    But it really annoys me that I can't get updates because my Winnie isn't legal, there are bound to be some problems with that.
  • oh, there are ways around that. in this case you want to look for the monolithic directx end-user runtimes that can be found in the dx developer site.

    here, i'll save you the trouble:
  • Easiest way around it is install it from some game or something that uses it, since that is the only occasion you really need it anyway.
  • unless you're like me and you end up installing or reinstalling windows a couple of times per month, yes :)
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Problem with most games that ship with it, usually ship with an older version that was intended for use around when it was compiled. I've got a few of these new games, and more than half of them ship with like directX 8 or pre 9.0c builds. Luckily for me, this card is already 9.0c compliant on the hardware side :D
  • edited February 2006
    "But it really annoys me that I can't get updates because my Winnie isn't legal, there are bound to be some problems with that."

    Yeah, what bastards.
  • Lol. Pirated copies of windows can still recieve critical security updates, (through auto update, not the site) but they cant get the unneeded software/hardware driver updates. Which isnt that surprising really. And you can still get round it if you know how. It took them long enough to have a decent go though - it had me fooled for a few hours.
  • Of course I was meaning that there are bound to be some problem with the legally bought Winnies.

    Fuck if I care if I have problems, I can go round them and move like a jedi ninja assassin.
  • You'd think by registering my copy of Windows I could retrieve my CD key from them. No, that's too simple.
  • there's a tool that lets u find ur product key from ur HDD>..
  • It was a complete reinstall though. Otherwise that would've been perfect, thanks for the info though.
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