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Please Upload Locales to or GitHub

This discussion is related to the German Transifex addon.
R_JR_J Cheerleader & TroubleshooterMunich Moderator

The current translations are on Transifex, I know, but in order to download a translation from their server, you'll have to have an account. I already have downloaded it one time and I was glad I already had an account, because I do not like registering anywhere just for being able to download one file, but right now I do not have my login credentials at hand and I can only use the German translation from the addon section which is one year old, or the translation from GitHub, which has been worked over 8 months ago. That is very unsatisfying... :|
Well, I will be able to download the translation later on and it won't hurt, but I would prefer
a) to be able to load the needed files from one server only
b) not to be forced to login anywhere to download files

@Todd, I think you are the master of Transifex. Could you please discuss this with your team?



  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff

    We were just talking about this yesterday, I think. We're a little skittish about Transifex because it's easy to accidentally erase translations with an incorrect upload, so it doesn't get processed into the addons section as often as we'd like. This is definitely something we plan on updating soon.

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