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Just migrated from SMF2, everything seems intact, but, can't accept new users.

edited July 2014 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I get this error upon "accepting" a new registration: (everything is default except some of the mods included with default vanilla install I have turned on.)

Duplicate entry '2688-8' for key
'PRIMARY'|Gdn_Database|Query|insert GDN_UserRole (UserID, RoleID)
values (:UserID, :RoleID)


  • edited July 2014

    Update: I get this when I see the red circled number one in my personal menu. I click it and go to "Manage Applicants." I then click "Approve."

    I know the person, personally so I know the request is good.

  • You are a braver soul than I... I have an SMF 2.0.8 site that has around 8000 members.

    I would dread, to the very core of my being, attempting to use an import tool LOL

  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff

    @MichaelCS The key is to do a test run first on a copy of the data, far away from your production box.

  • Aye; that is what the sandbox is for. I hear ya.

    We are still debating the idea of moving off SMF for both our existing gamer project and our new project. Migrating data is a part of that so I'm definitely gonna test this out.

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