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Data and parameters in vanilla popup form

steamsteam - #1 foro planes amigo
edited November 2015 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3

I have some questions.

first question:
I have popup form created by vanilla with textarea.
When I save textarea value I need to do sanitize ?

second question:
On the DiscussionController_AuthorInfo_Handler I create the link to open popup window like:
Anchor(T('evaluate'), "discussion/evaluate/{$UserID}/{$Email}", 'Evaluate Popup');

To pass the user email to my event (DiscussionController_Evaluate_Create) is only by the parameters way ?

I don't like pass user email by parameter and don't like make a select user email from database by user Id
Can I save user email in the user session and then remove it ? Or save it an global variable ?



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