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Can I develop a single-sign-on interface to intergrate the vanilla forum with another cms?

edited April 2017 in Development

Is it possible to develop a single-sign-on interface to integrate the vanilla forum with another cms?

My story is I like vanilla forum(A) and want to integrate it with the company cms(B). Of course we have ldap server, but users need to login twice. I dont like it. So I want to create a login page that will create a logged in cookies of both A&B. I already saw the code and the cookies when a user signed in A, but dont really understand the logic behind it. (Which info is stored in the cookies?)

Can someone help me answer:
1. Is this possible?
2. How to do it?

Thank you
PS: sorry I can't post in dev forum :( Any mods or admin can move it to the right place.


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