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HTTP ERROR 500 after Apache upgrade

edited July 2017 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I'm running Vanilla 2.3.1 and got a security notice via WHM that I needed to update Apache to remove Frontpage. Unfortunately, now the links to individual discussions no longer work. I get an HTTP ERROR 500 for each one.

I tried a fresh install of Vanilla 2.3.1 with a new database, but got the same exact problem - ie., clicking the default "Congrats, you've got a sweet new forum" discussion link leads to an HTTP ERROR 500.

I did the update using EasyApache 3 (v3.34.13). I used the Basic Apache 2.2 (1) Profile:

Apache 2.2
* Asis
* AuthnDefault
* Deflate
* Env
* Expires
* Fileprotect
* Headers
* MPM Prefork
* Mod SuPHP 0.7.2
* Proxy
* Slow Restart Patch
* UniqueId
* Version
PHP 5.6
* Bcmath
* Calendar
* CurlSSL
* GD
* Iconv
* Imap
* MailHeaders
* Mbregex
* Mcrypt
* Mysql
* Openssl
* Pear
* Sockets
* TTF (FreeType)
* Zlib
Additional OptMods
* Mod Security 2.9.0

Server Stats, according to cPanel:
cPanel 5.6.31
Apache 5.6.31
PHP 5.6.31
MySQL 5.6.31
Perl 5.10.1

The Private Message links still work fine, by the way.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?


  • I think this was fixed... Apache and PHP were rebuilt to include mbstrings for PHP 5.6.31. I think this should resolve the errors with the links attempting to call the mbstrings functions. So far, so good.

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