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Problems With Dashboard Buttons

I have just installed Vanilla 2.5 for the first time in a sub-directory. Pretty URL's all work as they should. However, I am having problems with some buttons only working once in the dashboard. I have to reload the page to enable the button (or anything else on the page) to work again.

For example, I'm unable to edit a user via the 'Manage Users' page. I've clicked on the edit 'pencil' shaped button once, nothing happens and then I have to reload the web page just to be able to click on Dashboard Site Overview, Moderation Community Management, or Settings Configuration & Addons tabs or the entire sidebar. However, the delete user 'trashcan' button works. Strange...

Nothing on the dashboard web page is clickable after that first button click.

I can't add a ban rule because the 'Add Ban Rule' button is clickable only once, but it doesn't do anything. I reloaded the web page, but it still won't work.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  • YoaztYoazt New
    edited February 7

    hey bro, can you check the source of you site via view source in your browser, maybe you are having trouble loading vanilla's set of Javascript files, i had the same issue as yours and found out that the Cloudflare's rocketloader is the culprit preventing to load those files.

  • Booya!

    Thank you, @Yoazt!

    I believe it was Cloud Flare. I set the Rocket Loader to off and the cache level to bypass for the forum sub-directory.

    That seemed to solve the problem. I will continue to click around and make settings changes while I monitor any errors that may arise. If anything else comes up I will report back here.

    Again, I greatly appreciated your input.


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