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Dashboard menu items for Yaga missing

This discussion is related to the Yet Another Gamification Application addon.


There used to be a menu item to edit reactions, but this is gone for some reason.

Any idea how to get this back? Or at least manual URL for reaction modifications..?

Using Vanilla 2,51 with the Cloudy theme.


  • Have the same problem. Quite frustrated with 2.5.1 and broken plugins.

  • solved by adding the following lines to config.php

    // Yaga
    $Configuration['Yaga']['Version'] = '1.1';
    $Configuration['Yaga']['Reactions']['Enabled'] = '1';
    $Configuration['Yaga']['Badges']['Enabled'] = '1';
    $Configuration['Yaga']['Ranks']['Enabled'] = '1';
    $Configuration['Yaga']['MenuLinks']['Show'] = '';
    $Configuration['Yaga']['LeaderBoard']['Enabled'] = '';
    $Configuration['Yaga']['LeaderBoard']['Limit'] = '';
  • @SugarFree : Surprised that worked. These lines were allready there in my config.php. Did you do anything else in addition?

  • Flower420Flower420 Munich New
    edited March 2018

    tried everything, bought even new VPS, to put there clean version of Vanilla with different configurations (centos, ubuntu, apache, nginx-phpfpm), and still tons of errors.. i give up.. even by adding these lines in the config doesnt helps..

  • I still have this issue. Does anyone know if these reactions can be edited in a code somewhere?

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