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Vanilla 2021.003 RC2 is now available



  • I specifically want to use Rich Editor, not advanced editor, I disabled all other plugins but no luck. Users still cannot see options to upload images or post attachments

  • I don't have a solution since I can't get Rich Editor to work in the RC2, but this is a pre release, kind of like a beta so bugs are to be expected and there might not be an easy solution at this point. They'll most likely fix them on the final production release. I wouldn't recommend using this pre release for real, Vanilla 3.3 is safest for that and Rich Editor works fine for our users in 3.3.

  • I changed the mode to WYSWYG for online now and it works. I'd prefer the rich editor but it's a better solution than 3.3 given my site is brand new and people advised here that would be better for SEO & performance. All good for me, but definitely one to note for developers that this was an issue.

  • I am getting this error in whatever I am still unable to solve.

    Something has gone wrong.

    We've run into a problem and are unable to handle this request right now.

    Please check back in a little while. 

  • Is there a solution tell me.

  • ianw5555ianw5555
    edited March 2021

    Put this line of code into your /conf/config.php file, then refresh your site and you should get more detailed info about the error.

    $Configuration['Debug'] = true;

  • I'm getting an error even though I enter a code

  • ianw5555ianw5555
    edited March 2021

    Your forum has not been installed yet if it's still config-defaults.php

    Do you meet the minimum PHP/mysql requirements?

  • PHP version 7.4

  • If you are not seeing the install screen, then I am guessing you have missing PHP extensions.

    PHP extensions mbstring (--enable-mbstring), cURL (--with-curl), GD (on by default), and PDO (on by default).

  • See is there a problem?

  • It is difficult to diagnose this problem without access to your server, perhaps you can PM a moderator and ask for help.

    Are you sure that all the files in the zip are properly uploaded to your server?

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Okay, slow down a bit...

    First, this is not the "ask any questions" discussion, but you can blame us moderators for not stepping in earlier. It must look as if this is an appropriate place.Our fault.

    @ianw5555 I really appreciate that you are giving support and would be thankful if you continue to do so.

    That last advice shouldn't be given at all: the job of a moderator is to moderate a forum. You do not even need to know much about the topic of a forum to be a good moderator. You should be able to judge what's off-topic and what in addition to some objective behaviours and awareness. At least that's what I would understand what is required.

    Support can be given by anybody. And in fact you already gave the best advice in your first comment. Since that "Something went wrong" is the most asked question, I'd guess, the second best answer would have been "search the forum". But I agree that one should be more kind than that. And therefore...

    @serdo if you search the forum you will find out that there are a lot of people asking because of "Something has gone wrong" which is just the nice error message which should beware forum users from seeing technical details. As ianw5555 already told you, you need to add a line to your /conf/config.php. You have shown the config-defaults.php by the way. But since the config.php contains sensitive data, it is good that you haven't posted it. Just add that line and you will see a more informative error message. But make sure that you remove the line before you go live with your forum!

    If you have a more verbous error message, please start a new discussion with a descriptive title and tell us what the real problem is. Certainly only if needed, because it might be that you are able to solve the problem all by yourself after you got that longer error message.

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Oh, I just spotted that there was a link to the search results in the first answer!

    @serdo we do want to help, but it doesn't hurt to follow advices that you have been given 😉

  • @R_J I understand that you or any other moderator are under no obligation to provide personal assistance but it does no harm to ask.

    As his config file is empty and still config.default.php, his forum is not installed ie. he is getting something has gone wrong instead of the install screen, so putting the debug line will not help.

    Such issues in my opinion are difficult to diagnose without access to the server to see what is missing.

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    I'm convinced that a moderator doesn't need to know more about the forums topic than the average user, therefore I think contacting some moderator isn't a good advice. Having a community look at one problem must end in better results. I'm convinced of that.

    I also think that a public help forum should as much help available to the public as possible. That's why I personaly oftentimes answer PM questions with "I'm happy to answer, but please make this a discussion so that everybody with similar questions can benefit from this". A solved problem is a reference for others.

    Those two reasons are why I said that "PM a moderator" is a bad advice. Finding out who is a moderator is almost impossible for newbies since there is no memberlist, by the way 😉

    One great feature in a forum is the possibility to mention somebody. If a newbie comes by and has a question that you cannot answer yourself, but you remember that another user showed some experience in that field, you (and almost everybody else) can already give great support to this newbie by simply telling them "Maybe @whoever could answer that question".

    Sorry if any of the above sounds in any way rude or harsh to you. It really should not.

  • ianw5555ianw5555
    edited March 2021

    Doesn't sound rude at all. The only reason I mentioned the word moderator is because, I didn't feel comfortable asking the person to trust me (an ordinary user) with his server password. moderators are considered trustworthy in this respect.

    I also agree that the solution should be shared with the community, I just fear that in this case without a peek at what files he does or does not have on the server, the solution won't be found but either way, yes post the solution.

  • BleistivtBleistivt Moderator

    Since we are offtopic already...

    In the hope that someone with dashboard access on this forum might read this:

    If you want to stop the time of volunteers being wasted, please visit https://open.vanillaforums.com/dashboard/message and add something akin to this as a dismissable message:

    Something has gone wrong.

    If you encounter this message, please edit the following value in your configuration file /conf/config.php before you ask for help:

    $Configuration['Debug'] = true;

    Reloading the page will show the actual error which you can add to your question.

  • $Configuration['Debug'] = true;

    I added but the site gave this error

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