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Vanilla 2022.024 Open Source Release - Built From Source + Broken Admin Dashboard FIXED!

Merry Christmas all! :)

Here is the latest available Vanilla release (2022.024) built from source code, with the broken / blank Dashboard issue from some of the most current releases also fixed up. ☺️

Note: While I messed about and managed to get 2021.009 working on PHP 8, I have not had success with that yet for 2022.024, so this build will require PHP 7.4 still - but hey I figure that this is still an improvement on the last 2021.009 release!

TIP: Head over to the "Labs" page in Settings (/settings/labs) and enable the new Layout Editor, then go to the Appearance tab to customize the site layout :D


  • Which version would you recommend now?

  • Might as well use this one as it is the newest! Sorry I am currently having some issues in uploading the file and this forum only lets you edit your post for 15 minutes after posting so I can't amend the original post!

  • Great and thanks!

    On Cpanel shared hosting, I need to remove some "ALGORITHM = INPLACE LOCK = NONE" from class.databasestructure.php and structure.php to avoid a blank screen for update or error msg on new install.

    I hope a build for 2022.025 as It came with new profile fields (changelog).

    It's always difficult to build vanilla forum (I remember old composer, yarn, nodejs etc)?

  • You're welcome AstRuc, and thanks for the tip - I was only working in a local development environment so this is good to know for cPanel related shared web hosting.

    I can completely understand - getting a working build environment for me to create these builds was literally a matter of trial and error - I am by no means a developer, just someone with an interest and some current spare time!

    I have just seen that 2022.025 has been released, will try and do some testing and see if I can build that!

  • wvhartenwvharten New
    edited January 2023

    Hi @vanilla_2022 , thank you for the work you've done!

    Do you know where the theme settings and stuff have moved compared to 2021.009 OSS? The page /dashboard/settings/themes still exists, but I cannot find the menu in the dashboard, it appears that several "appearance" options have dissapeard, image below for clearity (left is new, right is old).

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but can anyone help me?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Do you get blank page for 'User Profile' setting in dashboard?

  • I think it's all under the "Appearance" menu now - if you go under "Settings -> Labs" and switch on the option for the new Layout Editor, this adds stuff into the "Appearance" menu where you can make Custom Layouts.

    I think this new Layout Editor replaces the old theme system? May be wrong though ......

  • Yes I do - I wonder if that functionality has moved somewhere else? Will have a look!

  • Can not save details in the appearance tab....

    showing 403 error

  • To all people in this thread , 2023.001 was released this morning. I have built it from source and it has working support for PHP 8.1.12 and 8.2.1 (tested) , the blank User Profile issue from 2022.025 is now working, and the Admin Dashboard not displaying (CSS issue) has also been fixed.

    As per the post above have no issues in saving settings on the Appearance page either :)

    From my testing so far, this release seems stable and all "just works" - have not observed any bugs or broken functionality with it

    Release is available for download here: https://open.vanillaforums.com/discussion/39237/vanilla-2023-001-open-source-release-php-8-works-built-from-source

    Looks promising!

  • I added an issue in github for Dashboard - > settings -> User Profile

    For the last OSS builds 2022.024 there's no more 'profile redirection settings' in 'User Profile'

    For 2022.025 there's no more 'profile redirection settings' in 'User Profile' and the new UI for Managing Custom Fields. See https://success.vanillaforums.com/kb/articles/599-updated-custom-fields

    I don't know the Vanilla framework but it looks like in the controller function applications/dashboard/controllers/class.settingscontroller.php have public function profile() { } empty (since 2022.019). Just permission check, title set and a render !

    In 2022.024 or 2022.025 you can replace the function profile class.settingscontroller.php with the code of 2022.018 :

     * Settings page for user profile redirection.
    public function profile()
       $this->permission(["Garden.Settings.Manage"], false);
       $this->title(t("User Profile"));


     * Settings page for user profile redirection.
    public function profile()
        $this->permission(['Garden.Settings.Manage'], false);
        $this->title(t('User Profile'));
        $items = [
            'Garden.Profile.RedirectUrl' => [
                'Control' => 'textbox',
                'Description' => t("Custom URL to redirect the user instead of rendering Vanilla's profile page.")
        $configurationModule = new ConfigurationModule($this);
        $this->setData('ConfigurationModule', $configurationModule);

    With this you get back profile redirection settings.

  • KasparKaspar Moderator

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