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svn repository

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at the risk of looking like a complete noob (i'm not, honest!), the svn repository at is requesting a username and password.

what is this looking for? even better, is there actually a thread that explains how to make this work? i've looked, but couldn't find a guide.


  • Use "export" rather than "check out", unless you're planning on making changes and adding them back in (which requires a login). What SVN software are you using? I can get you some more detailed instructions.
  • thank god for you, bergamot. less than five minutes from noob error to solution. huzzah!
  • oh, and it was tortoisesvn, but i was just interpreting the terminology incorrectly
  • Yeah I did the exact same thing when I first used tortoise; it was not a very clear menu.
  • I'm using kdesvn in KDE/linux ... MUCH nicer to work with than Tortoise in Windows, but still it was a hair confusing at first glance. Got the hang of it now!
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    jsanders, also in the future, instead of using export, just use SVN Update to snag the latest changes. I've reorganized that menu to such a degree that anything that requires a login or further input is within the folded context menu. :) Export is more for exporting a local copy of the SVN to strip it of all the hidden .svn files and folders and create a working copy out of it. But in the end, it doesn't matter if that's all you're going for :)
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    Export is more for exporting a local copy of the SVN to strip it of all the hidden .svn files and folders and create a working copy out of it.
    I would imagine that most people grabbing vanilla off SVN would fall into this group.
  • Yep. I made the initial (svn noob) mistake of doing a checkout and then uploading to my server ... later to realize there were a whack of hidden folders going with it. Been exporting since and things have been just peachy. :)
  • let's see if you guys can solve another one for me quickly... whenever i do an update or export from svn, some of the files come across in "mac format," by which i mean carriage returns and line breaks don't translate correctly.

    it's easily fixed with my text-editor, which can translate and resave, but is there a fix or setting to prevent this?

    or is mark just a mac guy?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I'm a PC guy, and I purposefully saved all of the files in Vanilla with Unix carriage returns. I did this because for mac & unix/linux people it gets really really annoying when you edit the files and see these wierd characters at the end of every line of code. I much prefer it this way where I can edit my conf files in midnight commander and they look like they should. If I open the same files in notepad on my PC, it looks all buggerred. But if I use my PHP dev environment (Komodo), it opens them up just fine. So, I just always use Komodo.
  • i'll have to do some more research, and maybe write down the filenames for you... but i really don't know what is causing the error, and i'd hate to blame you if it was really me.

    it's usually only one or two files, and all the others work fine for me. but the ones that break aren't in unix or windows, but mac (i've had four or five editors identify them this way, but i honestly don't know what the difference is).

    thanks for the response!
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    @Bergamot: I've been trying to get the source files from the repository using TortoiseSVN but it fails. Something about the PROPFIND method not allowed. I'm also pretty much a newbie when it comes to SVN. Know of any workrounds for this? Thanks.

    EDIT: Now, I'm getting some error along the lines of
    REPORT request failed on '/svn/vanilla/!svn/vcc/default'
    REPORT of '/svn/vanilla/!svn/vcc/default': 400 Bad Request (
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    akinwale: You might find this discussion useful: I remember having a similar problem when I first tried to set up svn.
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    hey mark, when you get a spare moment, please take a look at


    in the svn. i just did a new export, and i had the same problems with the carriage returns.

    can someone explain to me what i'm doing different, since that no one else sees this?

    (edit, i speak english, yes i do)
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    What am I supposed to see when I look at those files?
  • uh... hopefully mac-formatted carriage returns. if nothing else, just open them up in komodo and save them back to the repository.

    um, please.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Wacky. Okay, I've changed and committed them.
  • awesome, they're correct now. thanks a lot!
  • How can i get the changelog.
  • If you are using Tortoise just right click the folder and select "Show Log". I believe that only works when you have checked out something, not using export.
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