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Tagging mockups

Jazzman asked if anyone could explain to him how the tags thing should work inside vanilla, then he will prolly make the extension. So here it is Jazzman. things i do for you :)

1) When starting a new discussion add a "Enter tags for this discussion" field as shown below


2) Once a discussion is started and tagged, A new section is added in the sidebar called "Tags for this discussion". Any user will be able to tag the discussion, either while making a comment, or by clicking on "Add tags" button.

The "Add tags" button is not shown but its under the "Your" tab in the "Tags for this discussion" sidebar. There is also a community tags tab in there. All tags added to a particular discussion will apear in this tab. If members posting agree on a tag, then that tag appear in bright color and larger font, meaning 9 out 10 people used the same tag. If they do not agree, meaning 1 out of 10 people used a particular tag, then that tag appears smaller and fainted. This way the community as a collective tags a discussion.

3) Members can only change there own tag list of that particular discussion. the community tag list is cummulative of all member tags of that particular discussion. this way members won't be able to mess with tags. If a member removes a tag from its list, All it will do is change the imprtance of that tag in the community tag list. That wills top epople from deleting tags and messing things up. One imp point. the tag importance is based on per discussion, per member. NOT per comment. That should also stop people from promoting wrong tags (unless they all decide to muck it up, then there is nothing u can do, beside warn them)

4) Searching of tags should show posts tagged by that word, plus on the sidebar it shows all related community tags as before.


5) Have Tag suggestion. For a particular discussion, for eg, Apple was used as a tag. next time if a uer types "Ap", it should automatically suggest Apple. The user can accept the suggestion by clicking the down arrow key, or continue typing. Just like you see on

6) feel free to add your own suggestions. I will keep updating this list, So Jazzman know what we want :)


  • Good!!! Exactly what I needed :) I will start programming this weekend :P
  • Man, that is some snazzy mocking-upness.
    Nicely done.
  • edited October 2006
    MySchizoBuddy: rising star of vanilla add-ons
  • if you have tags, why do you need categories ?
  • =against tags=

    I try to clarify what I have against the tags

    *tags dont create hierarchy.
    they dont tell you if something is 10% better than the other
    *if you have 1000+ tags, these will just disorientate you
  • I agree with you Toivo... I don't see any purpose for tags on a forum :P But if people like this, who are we to judge them? :)

    But I do like it on the vanilla add-on page!! That's an example why tags could work :)
  • edited October 2006
    Well, once people start incorporating it more with their blog, either via Wordpress or through Swelll once it comes out, or through a hack like the BeautifulLIe or whatever his site was called. THAT's when Tags could come handy. You could force Vanilla to do it rather then your blogs software, which is especially helpful for the vanilla/blog hackups.

    Hell personally, I'd love to get rid of wordpress and run my entire site (which is a blog and a portfolio) via Vanilla and Filebrowser. But, its just not possible at this junction. However, with a feature like tags, it makes it a wee bit more convincing that I should.

    People want to expand this farther then just a forum-software. So, it might not make sense FOR a forum-software, but for the people who want to build it into something more, extensions like this make the possibilities seem more tangible.
  • edited October 2006
    Categories are broad terms (for eg Cars), tags are very specific (Audi, quattro, A7L,V8). thats a huge difference, I dunno why people dont see that. Tags also help u find related search terms (see mockup).
    insert Taxonomy Vs Foxonomy debate
    on vanilla ur never going to have 1000+ tags. As you see the mockups you won't see a general tag cloud. only tag cloud per discussion, and that will be limitted to around 5 tags that are common and around 4-5 that are not common (from experience from using So in effect you will see around 5 imp tags per discussion. hardly enough to disorient any one. that also depends on whether members have tagged a discussion. Its an optional feature, If the community doesn't tag a discussion no ta sidebars will appear

    Jazzman I forgot one more feature. tags suggestion
    For a particular discussion, for eg, Apple was used as a tag. next time if a uer types "Ap", it should automatically suggest Apple. The user can accept the suggestion by clicking the down arrow key, or continue typing. Just like you see on
  • Toivo
    look at the mockup, which part of it seems disorienting to you
  • My biggest concern is: are people willing to fill in these extra tags? When I want to write a post, I don't care about filtering my text and find some keywords. But hey... that's just me :P
  • Jazzman - Then we would have to rely on the plain old search.

    Anti-tag-peeps - Tags a very useful when used correctly. It's like being able to make multiple copies of a document and file it in multiple related files, unlike the normal "one document, one file" type of system. Much better way of organization IMO.
  • Jazzman u don't have to tag it. Its optional.
    u can continue to do what u do. and people who want to tag will tag.
    everyone is happy.
  • Anyone knows some resources about tagging and database scheming? I need some technical info on how to query the database and store tagging information :)
  • WP users have access to several tagging plugins, the most popular of which is UTW (Ultimate Tag Warrior). Lorelle has written several articles on using it along with other resources here. UTW is very flexible and has many options as you will read.

    I started to think about this when I ported the WeightedWords plugin which automatically indexes everything. What I was considering was to add a field to the discussions/comments table for the tags. Then, once the tags are associated with each item, you can query on them in any way you want.

    It appears that the UTW link is not valid anymore. However there are other tag plugins like Jerome's keywords that could give you additional information.
  • edited October 2006
    My thought would be to add the tags to UserDisucssionWatch, since there is already a user-discussion relationship there.

    As far as if there should be multiple columns or a delimited array--idunno. Looks like one of those storage/performance trade offs.
  • edited October 2006
    weightedwords extension has lot of stuff that we require. improving that extension will be the easiet thing to do
  • I'm using the Vanilla add-ons as a reference, and ofcourse your screenies MySchizoBuddy :)
  • ToivoToivo New
    edited October 2006
    books vs. library cards

    It's about books versus library index cards. Could you imagine a library that has more information on the index cards than on the books. 1 room for books and 10 rooms for index cards. the web is currently heading in this direction. thanks to google as url is some kind of index card itself and google relies heavily on the links.

    as I said the web is currently heading in this direction. I don't like it.
    there's got to be something better than tags.:)

    ps. maybe the dark matter surrounding the universe is some kind of index of all live, of all passed and of all the things coming. it already has greater mass than the universe we could see. ;)
  • TechCrunch ran a quick bit on CNET's new communities, and how its latest board TechRepublic uses tags. (click on the "Forums" link to see the tags in action)
  • KrakKrak New
    edited October 2006
    The forum in this post has some sort of tagging extension.

    It looks as if it is a Vanilla extension, but I cannot be certain.
  • Toivo, to your first comments =against tags=

    1) they are not intended to make hierarchy,
    they are hints to content, not relevancy rating

    2) ponder the phrase 'tag cloud'

    Which reminds me, dont forget the tag cloud (per discussion, page foot, and perhaps entire forum, seperate tab ?).

    I did mention doing this extension but had holiday, got sick (still am) :-/
  • redux,

    nothing against your extension.
    but still skeptical about tags.
  • Oh its not my extension. Jazzman has taken it on by the looks of it.
    I was just explaining the reasons and uses of tagging.
  • I find that non-tech folk sometimes feel they don't know which 'category' to choose and/or do choose the wrong category, washing out the explicit benefit of having them in the first place; hence, an admin feature for moving threads (discussions) to re-org the forum.

    There is low cost-of-entry in adding tags. Granted, they aren't always rationally entered either ...

    I especially love the idea of selecting between community/my tags for this add-on.

    In fairness to Toivo, I would say the jury is still out on the future of taxonomy for Web - more 'what' than 'whether'. If nothing else, this add-on will yield useful 'data' for its usage (or not) in Vanilla. It's not like tags are ... trackback ;-).
  • Two ideas/requests:

    1. Can there be a way to enable/disable tagging for users based on their roles? Like how you can enable and disable whispers with the checkboxes on the roles and permissions page.

    2. Can there be an additional role that lets admins (or others based on their role) edit the tags on each discussion (or category)? It would helpful to be able to go back and adjust typos and mistakes. Also, it would be pretty bad if people abused the tags by adding inapropriate content and we were never able to edit the tags after the fact.
  • edited October 2006
    what if the content is inappropriate? then inappropriate tags will be appropriate :)
    no one stopping vanilla to be used as a porno forum :)

    just messing with ya. I know what u mean. editing tags will be nice.
  • really looking forward to this extension. jazzman is awesome!
  • Seriously tags would just mess the whole search thing up.
    First of all, if you search for say Mac and Apple, then it is just to type Mac and Apple in the search box and if the topic contains Apple and Mac (as it should do if you discuss them) then why mess it up with tags? No need for that.

    An optional add-on would work though.
  • it IS an addon.
    and ALL addons are optional
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