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  • Re: Making YAGA work in 2.3rc

    @daemoncesar said:
    When will I register Badge This error:

    Target is required.
    Comparison is required

    just aligning the stars just right.

  • Re: Topic category

    @kopna said: what hapened

    How would you solve the problem!

    here is a simple way to determine and potentially solve problem.

    switch to the default theme. disable all plugins. remove any changes you may have made. verify your rewrite rules are correct. turn debugging on. look in debugging logs for problems. then you can possibly determine if it is core problem, theme, or plugin, rewrite rules. also determine if it is a problem for all categories or just certain ones. perhaps there is a character in the category name that causes problems if some categories work and others don't.

    The reason I give you these simple troubleshooting steps is because of some of your questions, problems, and solutions.

    Here is an simple example.

    You may provide a question similar to: I live a 100 yards from a store, it is raining, I want to eat breakfast of eggs, but I don't have any eggs, it is raining, how do I get breakfast without getting clothes wet.

    volunteers provide you solutions e.g. Put on rain coat, or use umbrella, go to store, walk to store, buy eggs at store, walk home and cook eggs.

    You then come back with your answer, and say I have no stove to cook eggs, so I put on my bathing suit, swam across a river for 100 yards to reach the store, the store was a clothing store and had no eggs, so I hitchhiked to the airport, and bought my dinner of eggs there.

    sometimes you can solve the problem yourself.

  • Re: Login failed Microsoft Edge browser - solved!

    3 points for you for the reboot.

  • Re: Disable rank up emails on yaga

    @whu606 said:

    Have you any conception of the amount of work @hgtonight put in to creating this FREE open source version of reactions?

    Questions about YAGA should either be prefaced with

    I can't believe how generous you were to make this freely available to the open source community of Vanilla, is there any chance...


    I'm an ingrate who expects everything for nothing, and it should work exactly as I want immediately.


    you are a moderator. this not a friendly comment to the community. it's the kind of attack dog mentality that causes people not to give constructive feedback. Get a grip on things.

    The person made a constructive comment not an attack like you.

    @jamesinc said:
    This should either be disabled by default or disabled during application init. A bunch of my forum users were less than thrilled by all the emails when I switched the plugin on for the first time.

    you have a valid point. I apologize for the attack you received. and you have presented your suggestion calmly but not rabidly.

  • Re: Discussion Polls Do Not Appear on Mobile Devices

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    Ok, Have you considered using the proper posting style to get a better answer. Highly recommended, since it is easier for the author of the plugin to locate the questions regarding the specific add-on and possibly give you the answer or at least they will have a central spot for feature requests and bugs, etc.

    when asking a question about a specific theme, plugin, application or locale.

    please go to

    you will see this on all add-ons....