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johnnyzen New


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  • £$ Work Required : Custom popup needed to match Users with their User Roles*

    Hi all

    Big up to all here. I'm loving vanilla :)

    Please can someone assist me for paid development work if needed...

    We have recently moved to vanilla Version from another forum...

    In the transfer, we lost all the old user roles we had, so now all users in Vanilla now have the role "members"

    We do not know who had what role from the old forum...

    One idea of a solution is to get the user to update their role (and of course not to Admin or Mod) when they log in.

    A popup after login seems a logical/acceptable UX experience for the user.

    Something along the lines of

    Welcome Back!!!

    Before continuing, please update your current level from the dropdown below:

    [ Basic | Learner |Advanced ]


    This popup would continue to "popup" when a page in the forum in reloaded if they still had the role of "Member"

    **Note: Admin, Guest, Mod roles = No Popup Needed **

    Thanks for reading... I am hoping someone can help :)



  • Wordpress Plugins Issue - Couldn't find a Vanilla Forum at this url :/

    Hi all

    I came across the issue of the wordpress plugin not finding the vanilla install folder.

    I spent some time with the issue, and wanted to share my experience, as when researching, I didnt see the cause of the issue on other discussions.

    What could cause this issue?

    1) Do you have cURL installed. Check phpInfo to see if installed. The wordpress plugin uses the command wp_remote_get() to check if the vanilla url is correct. This wp_remote_get() uses cURL, so if you do not have it installed, you would get the "Couldn't find a Vanilla Forum at this url :/" message.

    This message doesnt take into account if you got cURL installed or not!

    2) Are you on shared hosting ? If so, the hosting company may have blocked loopback. (This was the cause in my case)
    The method used to check the vanilla URL is wp_remote_get(). This uses a url remote connection. IF you have vanilla installed on the same server as wordpress, the wp_remote_get() will attempt to connect to your vanilla URL address by requesting a URL connection remotely. So this connection leaves the server.... as the request is local, the connection attempts to go back to the server. At this point, the server blocks this.. This is known as a loopback request. Some hosting companies block this for security reasons..

    If you have loopback disabled, then you would get the message "Couldn't find a Vanilla Forum at this url :/"

    This message doesnt take into account if your server has loopback disabled

    Other Issues

    There seem to be many discussions on this, and you will have to do some searching, but the above are two issues which are not explained in the message you get back - "Couldn't find a Vanilla Forum at this url :/".

    Hope this helps someone.