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  • Re: Tapatalks - Anyone is using "Build your own App"

    After 2 and 1/2 year working with them my opinion is... Tapatalk's BYO is pure fraud. Don't use it if your run Vanilla and quiet some other forums.

    I've been a customer for Tapatalk for 2 1/2 years and ran 6-10 apps for Vanilla. I've been helping with the massive load of bugs by filing them and making annotated sreenshots, worked regulary on updating the translations and paid every single months between $120 to 200$ for the apps.

    Unfortunately Tapatalk did never help me according to their promise or in the sense what a SAS model should do and is the ethical contract between a customer and the company offering the service.

    In the last 12 months problems became so bad and bugs so much that even forum users couldn't write posts on the app for months. I've been played by them with hundreds of promises there will be fixes and i can have refund and many many conversations and emails went down, most of and about my initiative.

    But TAPATALK NEVER REALLY HELPED. They just kept me with "soon", "coming month", "we'll respond next week" and weird offers i should agree to. I had to find out that i just wanted to have Apps for my forums and was faaaar to patient and they didn't move a single finger in the last months. I clearly gave them too many chances, actually to be honest TAPATALK fucked me quiet good. They also forced me not to speak in public about bugs anymore and moved me to email and private messages, i was stupid to agree on this.

    Recently they managed to implement things you don't want while you are a paying customer. They use your content for their revenue on their ad network, they kept copyright labels inside the app and so on while many ask for white labeling when they pay for the app. This and many things were always a discussion and many of the support topics in their forum do not come from the failure of the BYO users, it comes from regular bugs that appear in every version.

    I will spread this information on the internet about this because it's important that people now the "black sheeps" inside the SAS industry. Just that you know i'm not a hater... i think it's important that people read many arguments and positions on things and this will also be one of someone who experienced the most awfull customer behaviour of all time (even worser and picked with more lies than my own mobile phone company ;) ).

    I just mention this so you have another perspective on those guys also.
    So be carefull when working with them, they say Vanilla is supported, it actually i not.

  • Better color for links inside comments + Addons for nav

    Hi Vanilla Crew,

    I have to suggestions for the forum here. The link color inside the comments is very close to the regular font color. That makes it hard to find links inside comments and messages. When i scroll through a thread looking for a link i'v already seen in the past it's even on my iMac not that easy to identify (just by http or www or slashes), i don't wanna know how it looks on not so good screens.

    2nd is, that i'm cheking the forum regular on my mobile to and it would be great if accessing the addon-section (always check too) would be possible from the mobile navigation of the forum here.

    Who agrees?

    May my wishes come true, i'll keep on talks with the Ronald McDonald and Make a wish foundation too. ;)

    Juchuu, thanx for listening.

  • Re: Badge and Icon Depository

    Hi everybody... i put together the the badges i have done now:

    You can Download them here:

    Attached is a preview.

    If you would like to donate to further devekopment or new icon sets, write me a private message and i'll tell you my Paypal.