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  • Re: Do you have rules for forum behavior? What are they?

    They're in our terms of service agreement on sign up:

    • I declare that I am more or less a grown up, and am able to play nicely with a variety of different types of people.

    • I agree that I won't deliberately set out to upset anyone, and that if I do, it would be reasonable to offer an apology.

    • I understand that this forum has a strict no swearing policy (including masked or disguised swearing), which includes even mild words that the pope probably wouldn't be offended by.

    • I understand that this forum is made up of people from a wide mix of cultures/attitudes/beliefs, and will not post anything that might be seen to be offensive (e.g. racist/sexist/homophobic stuff.)

    Breaking the rules? I'm sorry, but I'd think that was obvious...

    Each forum admin needs to decide for themselves what they will and won't accept on their forum, and then have a policy in place to deal with posters who don't follow that.

    Our forum rules might be totally unsuitable for a different target audience, but then I wouldn't want to be a member of a community that didn't more or less follow those same rules.

  • Re: Seems broken for 2.5

  • Re: How to remove #latest when clicking on a discussion?


    Are you sure you want to do that?

    By default, users are taken to the last post that they read.

    If they haven't visited the discussion before, they are taken to the first post.

    Do you really want your users to have to scroll down, or page through, to find the point they were at when they revisit a discussion?

  • Re: Why did you choose Vanilla ?

    It was random(ish) tbh.

    I had a very small forum on myBB, but then needed to provide for a larger community, and Vanilla happened to be an offering in the CPanel of my then host, so I had a look to see how/if it was different.

    I've stayed with it because it works for me, and because of the support that has been given when I have needed to know how to do something.

  • Re: vanilla forum on AWS cost?

    We use Nginx, but I don't really know enough about it to know if it is better.

    For backups, you can pay DO a bit more, and they will do them for you, otherwise, a droplet image is fine for your server config/Vanilla installation, but a bit of a pain for the DB (which you should be doing each day, imo.)

    I try to make sure I do an export using phpMyAdmin once a day, which takes a few seconds, compared to 15+ minutes for a droplet image (while your site is unavailable.)