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  • Re: Vanilla 2.5 release schedule & features

    It's one of those, 'If you have to ask, you shouldn't try it' things.

    This is NOT released for production yet.

  • Re: Latest premium theme for Vanilla forums: Nexus!


    Excellent (so do I...)

    Download the Firebug plugin for Firefox here:

    Once you have it installed in your browser, you simply right click on the part of the page you are interested in, and choose Inspect Element with Firebug from the context menu

    Move your mouse in the left hand panel,

    As your roll your mouse over divs/spans/ids etc you will see the part of the page they effect highlighted.

    This can help you to narrow down what you need to change.

    Clicking on a div/span etc in the left panel should bring up the rules applied to it in the right hand panel.

    Have a play, and let us know what you find.

  • Re: Free vs Paid: What are the differences?


    Welcome to the community.

    The open source version works just fine, and the code is given exactly the same care and attention as the hosted version.

    The hosted version has some proprietary plugins, but the majority of the 'most wanted' have been developed separately as similar plugins by/for the open source community.

    The assumption with the open source version is that, as the name implies, you get a basic, fully functioning forum solution, which you then tweak to your own needs.

    The open source is categorically NOT an inferior version of the hosted version. There could be many reasons for choosing hosted Vanilla, but quality of the open source product isn't one of them.

    If you have neither the time nor the skill set to do a bit of work to resolve issues, then possibly the hosted version would suit you better, as that is managed for you.

    If you have specific issues, please post them separately.

    Plugin questions should be asked via the plugin download page, but as a tip, 'doesn't work' won't get you anywhere.

    BetterBitter comes with a mobile theme which should load automatically, so something has gone wrong. Again, from the theme download page, post a question, stating any other plugins you are running, and what mobile device you are using.

    For help you need to clearly state what version of Vanilla you are using (NOT 'the latest one' or variations thereof), what you have done, and what, specifically is not happening the way you had expected.

    We're a friendly bunch, happy to help, but the clearer you can be, the quicker you will get help.

  • Re: Category descriptions in sidebar


    To get the best advice, you should always add your numerical Vanilla version when asking a question.

    You could start by taking a look at the Pockets addon:


  • Re: Errors on Vanilla 2.1RC1


    Is there a reason why you aren't using the recently released Vanilla 2.1 stable?