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  • Re: Controller Routing in Vanilla 2.5

    there are plenty of extensible framework with explicit routing. It is simply a lot more flexible an adaptable.

    in fact dependency injection is also often done with explicit mapping, precisely for extensibility purposes. e.g symphony

  • Re: Embed code not working at all

    there is more to to the embed code that just an iframe, for one it has history/url scheme, thought it doen't use the latest javascript history methods and instead relies on # (anchors) and it is dynamically loaded.

    Embedding is not the first choiceI'd suggest but is useful in some cases. E.g. where the forum is minor component, or an as archive.

    Btw the old SEO limitation of iframe no longer apply as iframe content is crawled in connect these day even dynamically loaded content is crawled.

    What you have to be really weary of is solution that use force loading of frameworks where one framework attempts to load another or so called 'bridges'. these are terrible solutions and there is not such thing as a framework bridge that is ever gogin to be viable. frameworks cannot just be melded together in this way.

    instead it recommend to theme appropriately to make it blend to the site or even contrast which underrated). There are advanced method to pull additional data though APIs through other method but you really need to know what you are doing.

  • Re: Why Vanilla Forum not put related post or similar post after discussion?

    For the actual reason you have to understand the limitations of mysql and performance.

    If you expect the kind of feature of well known site that has plenty of investment, as an amateur and "out of the box" this is wishful thinking on your part. If anyone can do it they already would be doing it.

    Luckily is your case you can can use sphinx search to provides such a feature and this is the feature of a search engine not a standard database. This is primarily down to the mathematical models.

    However do not assume you can readily replicate the feature or infrastructure of well know site, without the resources and technical ability. That is part of the reasons those site are successful.

    Starting out being smart about what you can do with your resources is key, rather than replication of well know social media.

    This is something I regularly tell clients. Some get it more than others, but it need to be drummed home.

  • Re: Assigning a role via SQL query works but doesn't work

    you best bet is look at the role model, that is what is there for.

  • Re: No links in title

    in all honesty they don't care that much. they just move form forum to fourm, they quicker you make them move on the better.

    It is just a job to them. if they can earn a few bob doing this get something to eat they don't really care what they have been told to do.