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  • Re: Vanilla Reactions and Badges - Would you buy it?

    jason2007 said:
    so any developer want to copy vanilla reaction and badges?

    I also want users to earn points for doing things on the site and a point shop to spend the points in. The shop will include account customizations (like adding prefix/suffix/icons to username, changing profile background or layout) and gifts to self and friends. So you earn points for contributing to community and can spend them on pimping your profile and buy items for you and friends. Also spend points on sending "pokes" to friends and users. Pokes can be friendly or not and can use 32x32 images or whatever size image. To send a poke you must pay X amount of points.

    This is basically what Karma bank is for, and the Market Place is currently begin developed for the second part. Market place would be able to spend karma, but it is also for premium services with other payment options such as Paypal or Stripe, if you are interested in sponsoring this then contact me. ATM I'm only taking as far as necessary for current client, so manually added products are not a priority right now, only API, so this would be your prerogative to fund that.

    However I have to prioritise.

    As I mentioned before. Karma Bank already works in a way conducive with Badges, only it rewards Karma.

    I have proposed Karma Bank Accolades as a solution. it work with Karma like rule only you are reward Accolades based on meta rules rather then Karma. So you can set up the rule exactly what you want, and use the graphic and description of your choosing for the Accolade.

    It would be good to get around five or so sponsors who are interested to get started Accolades.

    As @hbf contacted me and wanted to be involved I suggested he have a stab at his version the reactions side of things, as he has created I Like Plugin. I have give him some pointers suggestions, however we may work something out if he requires some input. However this can be ostensibly his concern for now.

    It make more sense for me to just get on with Accolades, as I know how it would work, and really don't need any input.

    Regarding graphics. Accolades would not be bundled with any default graphics, as you could upload anything you like.

    Designers like @422 could come up up with their own graphic packs and distribute/sell how they wish.

    However I should point out, that accolades are custom rules and targets, so you have to think that way when designing graphics, either the pack has to be versatile, or simple to modify, or we can talk about using programmatic overlay of sprites and/or text to enhance the graphic to be applicable to what you want.

    I also suggest that accolade to have small and or larger size. Smaller suits some styling allowing you fit more in the panel, without begin an eyesore.

  • Re: Embed code not working at all

    there is more to to the embed code that just an iframe, for one it has history/url scheme, thought it doen't use the latest javascript history methods and instead relies on # (anchors) and it is dynamically loaded.

    Embedding is not the first choiceI'd suggest but is useful in some cases. E.g. where the forum is minor component, or an as archive.

    Btw the old SEO limitation of iframe no longer apply as iframe content is crawled in connect these day even dynamically loaded content is crawled.

    What you have to be really weary of is solution that use force loading of frameworks where one framework attempts to load another or so called 'bridges'. these are terrible solutions and there is not such thing as a framework bridge that is ever gogin to be viable. frameworks cannot just be melded together in this way.

    instead it recommend to theme appropriately to make it blend to the site or even contrast which underrated). There are advanced method to pull additional data though APIs through other method but you really need to know what you are doing.

  • Re: Embed code not working at all

    In short I have advised embedded solution in a number of cases that suited it. However generally advise to theme to fit in with the site/concept.

    Making things with the same header, is very common but arguably over done. Sometimes contrast is actually better to de-mark section of a site.

  • Re: Embed code not working at all

    Also embedding doesn't mean that there isn't any additional dosing work necessary. There can be a lot of work needed to clean thing up, to make seamless.

  • Re: Comments API endpoint help

    You are better off using the basic read only api. there little documentation on the api endpoint

    All the information you need can be found with