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Most wanted addons for Vanilla 2



  • AoleeAolee Hobbyist & Coder ✭✭
    @Aolee Indeed a nice job with the Discussion picture - can you share how you achieved it? (Probably in a separate Discussion :))
    Hi Oliver here's the guide on how i did the thumbnails to appear on FrontPage for each discussion title =>
  • This may be more a theme issue than an addon, but I'd really like each category in the side bar and on the All Categories page to display the number of discussions with unread posts in them next to where it currently displays the total number of discussions.
  • @Mark regarding Badgeville, my understanding is that is a pay service. I'm not sure if it is affordable for small forum owners. But let us know what you find. I'm really excited about installing Vanilla forums on but I need some sort of badges for the "contributor" users.
  • AoleeAolee Hobbyist & Coder ✭✭
    Please consider the following plugins as they could revolutionize the whole vanilla forum script:

    1) Top Posters: A sidebar plugin showing the top 5, 10 or whatever posters and the number of posts for each.
    2) Email users: An admin plugin allowing the forum admin to email all users.
    3) Contact us: A contact us form for members or visitors to contact the forum admin via email without having to register or login.
    4) Discussion Thumbnail: A thumbnail image to appear on the left side of each discussion title on the forum frontpage. Admin and users should be given the option to upload their own thumbnail image, and if they don't a standard thumbnail appears.
    5) Poll: A sidebar poll would surely make a difference.

    Thank you for a wonderful script!
    these are definitely cool plugins.

    I was able to do item 4) but I manually edited something on the views page, which i know is not good practice. check =>

    Im trying to work on the item 1) top posters during my free time.

    hi guys,

    here's the plugin for the Top posters. haven't tested it throughly, but should work fine.

  • On the members profile page, have a "my stuff" link where other members can view pictures, video, and audio complete with viewer commenting. If you want to get really fancy, have the media files converted to flash and give each member a quota so your server doesn't turn into a file sharing service.
  • A few that keep popping up in my mind -
    * I would like each Discussion & Comment to log the IP address of the person that posted it.

    * I would like the most recent IP address of a user captured at login

    * better user management (thus the first two) and some options to ban by IP or at least be able to do some data mining. Comes in handy when you have some jack... joker posting from multiple accounts.

    * Extended Who's online that includes Guests & Bots -Possibly even showing the page they are currently viewing

    * A auto feed manager, at least for the main feed, to switch it with another provider like feedburner.

    * field on the members profile page that pulls a top or last listened chart for the user

    Thanks! :)
  • Better Spam control.
    Add custom registration fields that are required and require a specific answer "Are you a human?" or "What color is a Banana?" or "What is 3 + 6 + 1"
    Nothing is going to be 100% but slowing it down is a good thing!

    Just fresh on my mind as I have had 30 spam accts register today :(
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    @Pixelnated Look at the IPTracking plugin. Also, I have better luck using the "Application" registration method for now.
  • edited March 2011
    I'd like to see few add-ons/improvements:

    1. Let user create their own "views" using tags (it may also be called "save searches")
    For example:
    When I login, I want to see discussions that have "Unix" tag AND "Apache" tag.
    or "Unix" OR "Apache" tag
    Allow me to save this as a view. So, when I login, and I click on "view unix and apache discussions". It shows me all discussions with those tags regardless of what category they are in.

    2a. show tags in discussion summary.
    When I login, I see each discussion is marked with category name. And it also has a mark "NEW" (in yellow highlight) sometimes. It'd be nice to have "tags" show up too. Right now, I have to click and open a discussion to see all tags that are marked on it.

    2b. allow special status-tags (status indicators). So, for example, I'd like to create some special tags like:
    let me mark a discussion with one of those status-tags, and then in the summary view, I'd be able to see what discussions have what status. Also, allow me to "search" and "filter" my view based on these status-tags.
    Based on status, you can also display some special icon, color-code etc. to easily mark a discussion message.

    3. Privacy options
    -> Option to disable registration link altogether. I manually add user to my forum. I don't want to have a "signup" page at all.
    -> hide some categories/tags/discussions from certain groups of users. When these users login, they won't even see these hidden categories/tags/discussions.
    (allow admin to move all discussions in a category, all discussions with some tag etc. to regular public board)

    4. Native support for
    -> privatize forum (so you must login to see anything at all, even if you've permalink, you are forced to login). Bots disabled too.
    ->temporarily close forum (like put it in maintain-nce mode)

    5. When creating a new discussion, show option to
    -> multiple file upload (allow admin to set size limit on file uploads, set limits on file extensions etc.)
    -> embed media (photo, video, url etc.) in post. Appropriate resizing will be required so there is no horizontal scroll bar.

    -> when you create a discussion, there is a textbar for tags.
    Below that textbar, show list of frequently-used-tags along with checkboxes. Maybe you can display 2-3 rows with 5-6 tags (and checkboxes) in each row.
    So, when I am posting a new discussion, instead of typing a tag name, I can just see what most frequently used tags are and simply check the tags I want. If I want a tag that's not frequently used, I always option to type up those tags.
  • edited March 2011
    Many of your points are already implemented.
  • edited March 2011
    Which ones are implemented?

    I see tagging is there but it isn't as extensive as I described.

    Embedding media -- there is a plugin Magic but it's not an approved add-on and it seems to have bugs.

    By the way, this discussion-forum sorts all posts by 'votes'. Is it possible to set default sort order to "by date"?
  • 4. this is called private community, this feature is there out of box. Simple way to enable it is this:
  • I am looking for "Pick as best answer" plugin as in
  • I think "akismet"

    I have got some registered users (very suspicious), with weird email address.

  • edited March 2011
    I have managed to change my forums over at from PHPBB3 to Vanilla in next to no time at all, and super impressed with the simplicity of use - and that it's easier to embed the forum into my own site rather than PHPBB look like a complete separate site to the news.. anyway I shalln't go on with how pleased I am with Vanilla 2 - but my most wanted plugin would be an Xbox LIVE Gamertag option.

    Something that would ask for the members Xbox Live Gamertag in the Edit My Account page, and would then show their gamertag within an iframe from[variable].card on the profile page.
  • * a way to have RSS (securely) working for private categories (tokens?)
    * A working api for both posting and reading
  • yep select as best answer + feeddiscussions (with category option & number of feeds limitation)
    * a way to have RSS (securely) working for private categories (tokens?)
    * A working api for both posting and reading
  • Inline image with resize option, so that what ever was the size of the image uploaded, it will be resized to the size specified in the settings of the plugin, which saves server space and data traffic.

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