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Forum Statistics



  • It Doesn't actually look like i made the program to include single line user links... but i'll enable it anyways...
  • Uploaded version 0.4.2 of Forum Statistics.
  • FEATURE REQUEST: * could we have an option (perhaps as a preference) that only REGISTERED/LOGGED IN users are able to view the stats?
  • BUG REPORT: * Statistics Preferences which are 'toggle' update without any problem, and work straight away. The numerical preferences ("Number of Rows" for 'top posting users', 'top discussion starters' and 'most active users') are saved to the options file, but do NOT work. For instance, if I go and change the number of rows for 'top posting users' from '3' to '10', nothing changes in the stats display - it still displays only 3 users. If I open the options file and have a look, I see: "top_posting_user => 1 => 10 => someuser => 535 => someuser2 => 455 => someuser3 => 387" If I change the number to '2', I still see 3 users, and opening the file shows: "top_posting_user => 1 => 2 => someuser => 535 => someuser2 => 455 => someuser3 => 387"
  • It might also be a good idea to perhaps exclude 'banned' users from the statistics.
  • Uploaded version 0.4.3 of Forum Statistics.
  • Updates
    - Bug fixes
    - Enable/Disable/Only allow users to view
    - Radio button Framework functions
  • Uploaded version 0.4.3 of Forum Statistics.
  • @Vincent: thank you very much for the update! :-)

    Unfortunately, the bug reported mentioned here still persists. I have just opened my options file, and checked, and there I see:

    top_posting_user => 1 => 3 => someuser => 535

    Note, that there should be three users listed, and (as you can see from this line), there is actually only 1 being listed.

    I think I know what the problem is: the file is being updated *only* when a new message is posted, or a new user registered, etc. It seems like it is NOT being updated when the preferences are changed.
  • this should have been fixed in the previous version.... time for round 2...
  • Uploaded version 0.4.4 of Forum Statistics.
  • @Vincent: hey, we're keeping you busy today! :-) Thank you very much for all this work! - It is greatly appreciated! I have already received some 'ooh's and 'aaaah's from my users. Last request: * could we perhaps have a prefence that allows us to exclude BANNED users from the stats? - In my forum, for instance, there were a couple of very prolific posters who have been banned, and they (still) keep showing up on the stats.
  • Good idea icouto! Just make it so you can turn an option on and ff in the Roles & Permissions whether or not the Role should show up in Forum Statistics :)
  • I've just added 0.4.4 version and I'm getting the same problem as Icouto is reporting. Stats looking OK on homepage but not being able to alter layout/number of shows in the preferences panel. Is there a codefix we can use on the default page?
  • Uploaded version 0.4.5 of Forum Statistics.
  • Update for 0.4.5
    - Bug fix....
    - Notices
  • Still not working for me!
  • Do I need to set the folder for statistics to 777 or something before i can change anything in the preference panel?
  • Yes Keith, I tested this add today and I tried to change the options and nothing happens but I went to the extention file and change the permissions to 777 and all is working now
  • I kept the permissions of the file at 0666 because that usually works for most servers. 0666 also works well for the default.php file..... bur sometimes stuffs up.
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